Major Events in May: 1st Ladies Senior Inter-County Premier Finals @ tbc contact Emma Gregson |12th Annual General meeting @ The Northumberland Club 19:00 contact Dave Barnett | 22nd Dunlop Challenge 9 @ Tynemouth contact Ray Rycroft | 30th Girls Junior County Coaching @ Northern contact Liam Gutcher
Kids On The Glory Trail Again! Gosforth Squash-Fest! UK Inter-County Finals

Kids On The Glory Trail Again!

THE COUNTY’S junior squash scene is thriving – with young players from Northern and Tynemouth dominating the top prizes in the Dunlop Challenge Series. The ...

Gosforth Squash-Fest!

GOSFORTH’S budding young squash scene produced a thrilling finale to the Middle School Cup. East Middle have always won this hotly-contested event, but Central were ...

UK Inter-County Finals

Report by Maria Bainbridge After hearing from our opponents the night before we knew we’d be going into the weekend with an advantage. Middlesex could ...
Junior Boys U19


1 Chris Wiggins Alnwick Squash Club
2 Jamie Todd Tynemouth SRC
3 Alex Robertson Northern Squash
4 Sam Broughton Northern Squash
5 Adam Bainbridge The Northumberland Club
6 Tom Wight Northern Squash
7 Andrew Black Newbiggin Squash Club
8 Luke Richardson Newbiggin Squash Club
9 Billy Mckendrick

Junior Boys U17


1 Michael Mattimore Northern Squash
2 Ben Waugh The Northumberland Club
3 Joe Wareing The Northumberland Club
4 Cameron Hamilton Northern Squash
5 Angus Forster The Northumberland Club
6 Matthew Carr The Northumberland Club
7 Sam Evans Tynemouth SRC
8 Tom Cornell Northern Squash
9 Matthew Walsh Tynemouth SRC
10 Liam Duncan Kahn Northern Squash
11 Tim Blake Hexham Squash Club
12 James Appleby Northern Squash
13 Joe Anderson Hexham Squash Club
14 Adam Forster
15 Ross Truman
16 Leighton Adamson Newbiggin Squash Club
17 Nick Robertson
18 Matthew Stokes
19 Daniel Campbell

Junior Boys U15


1 Andrew Shipley Northern Squash
2 Max Forster The Northumberland Club
3 Lennox Lockwood Tynemouth SRC
4 Harry Little Northern Squash
5 Thomas Moore Northern Squash
6 Nathan Dobson Tynemouth SRC
7 Tom Porter Northern Squash
8 Tim Charteris
9 Matthew Thompson Consett Squash Development
10 George Frewing
11 John Thompson
12 Dylan Gittins
13 Jamie Oglvie
14 Ces Teriyaki
15 Ewan Strathdee
16 Alex Shipsey
17 Felix Fletcher
18 Joe Clements
19 Matteo Missier

Junior Boys U13


1 Dan Neill
2 Samuel Aiston
3 Tom Walsh
4 Harry Morris
5 Matthew Dyter
6 Sam Sweeney
7 Ali Little
8 Sion Gittins
9 Milan Stach
10 Kieran Mahoney
11 Sam Oglvie
12 Archie Hutchinson
13 Calum Howie
14 Rhys Merlane
15 Luca Baldasera
16 Aidan Brennan
17 Alistair Millar
18 Cameron Prentice
19 Cameron Nichols
20 Will Tennant
21 Daniel Curtis
22 James Etterley
23 James Carragher
24 Ciaran McDougall
25 Matthew Park
26 James Carragher

Junior Boys U11

coaching  3


1 Ollie Forster
2 Will Johnson
3 Will Marrow
4 Hugo Fletcher
5 Thomas Jepson
6 Finn Little
7 Arron Whitaker
8 Ankur Sawat
9 Ben Tudor
10 Leo Baldasera
11 Matthew Mahoney
12 James Taylor
13 Oisin Gorman
14 Joe Elliott
15 Luke Radley
16 Zach Willis

Junior Girls U17/U19


1 Josie Barker Northern Squash
2 Charlotte Cooper The Northumberland Club
3 Georgia Webster The Northumberland Club
4 Laura Neill The Northumberland Club
5 Tegan Younger Northern Squash
6 Amy Rowell Tynemouth SRC
7 Ellie Watling Northern Squash
8 Daisy Dobson Tynemouth SRC
9 Emma Rowell Tynemouth SRC
10 Martha Spalding The Northumberland Club
11 Lucy Hutchinson Northern Squash
12 Catriona Watling Northern Squash
Sub 1 Fran Booth The Northumberland Club
Sub 2 Hannah Nicol Primrose Squash Club
Sub 3 Sophie Reay Northern Squash
Sub 4 Lois Cherry Northern Squash
Sub 5 Jess Wight Northern Squash
Sub 6 Laura Davies Northern Squash
Sub 7 Sophie Curtis Hexham Squash Club
Sub 8 Sophie Blair Northern Squash

Junior Girls U15


1 Erin Vitty Northern Squash
2 Lowri Waugh The Northumberland Club
3 Megan Evans Northern Squash
4 Aanya Hamilton Northern Squash
5 Beth Tudor Northern Squash
6 Lucy Anderson Northern Squash
7 Sophie Freeman Northern Squash
8 Megan Freeman Northern Squash
9 Katie Merlane Northern Squash
10 Emma Delgaty Northern Squash
11 Harriet Wight Northern Squash
12 Sophie Bedford Northern Squash
Sub 1 Abigail Bedford Northern Squash
Sub 2 Abi Marrow Hexham Squash Club
Sub 3 Josie Burdon Hexham Squash Club
Sub 4 Ellie Fairlamb Northern Squash
Sub 5 Olivia Stokes Hexham Squash Club
Sub 6 Niamh Brennan Northern Squash
Sub 7 Olivia Satow Hexham Squash Club
Sub 8 Niamh Barclay Consett Squash Development
Sub 9 Olivia Nattress Consett Squash Development
Sub 10 Rosie Mitchell Northern Squash

Junior Girls U11/U13


1 Katie Barker Northern Squash
2 Beth Dean The Northumberland Club
3 Anna Moore Northern Squash
4 Naomi Appleby Northern Squash
5 Annie Anderson Hexham Squash Club
6 Eve Hardie Westoe Squash Club
7 Verity Place Consett Squash Development
8 Willow Morris The Northumberland Club
9 Cerys James Northern Squash
10 Rebecca Grogan Northern Squash
11 Zoe Shipsey Northern Squash
12 Talia Tiryaki Northern Squash
Sub 1 Hannah Taylor Alnwick Squash Club
Sub 2 Thea Langdale Northern Squash
Sub 3 Grace Moore Northern Squash
Sub 4 Amelia Sherlock The Northumberland Club
Sub 5 Millie Evans The Northumberland Club
Sub 6 Erin Blackburn Northern Squash
Sub 7 Kirsty Slipper Northern Squash
Sub 8 Abbie Ainsworth Northern Squash
Sub 9 Amber Lawless Northern Squash