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Mixed Fortunes for Juniors in Inter-Counties

October 18, 2005 No Comments »

There was some good news and some bad after the first leg of this seasons inter-counties for the U15 and U19 juniors.

The good news came from the girls U15 team who travelled across to Penrith in Cumbria on Sunday and won all there matches against Cumbria ,Durham & Cleveland and Yorkshire, without dropping a match winning 5-0 each time!! The successful team was Kimberley Hay, Anna Oswald, Rachel Oswald( all from Jesmond) ,Sophie Wylde (Alnwick) and Alex Gutteridge(Westoe) ,well done to them all.



Kim Hay bt Shawnee Hall 3-0
Anna Oswald bt Sarah Dowson 3-0
Rachel Oswald bt Helen Dowson 3-0
Sophie Wylde bt Gemma Hill 3-1
Alex Gutteridge bt Laura Vallis 3-0


Kim Hay bt R Kennon 3-0
Anna Oswald bt Victoria Bell 3-0
Rachel Oswald bt Kayley Scott 3-0
Sophie Wylde bt Lara Cooper 3-0
Alex Gutteridge bt Hannah Wolstencroft 3-0


Kim Hay bt Grace Smith 3-0
Anna Oswald bt Maria Emmerson 3-0
Rachel Oswald bt Charlotte Kirkwood 3-1
Sophie Wylde bt Jade Thompson 3-1
Alex Gutteridge bt Stephanie Skelton 3-0

The good news ended there with the boys doing less well. the boys U19 had a home fixture and played there games at Westoe. They had a tall order first up playing a very strong Yorkshire side going down 5-0 losing 3-0 at all strings. The next match was less tough but still tough against Durham & Cleveland , they still went down 4-1 with Liam Gutcher winning at number one string 3-0. The full squad was Liam Gutcher, Jonny Robson, Peter Brierley(all Northern), Richard McCallister(Tynemouth), Matthew Hardy(Northern) and Steven Robson (Westoe).



Liam Gutcher lt Adam Taylor 0-3
Jonathon Robson lt Neil Cordell 0-3
Peter Brierley lt Daniel Siddal 0-3
Richard McCallister lt Sam Wileman 0-3
Matthew Hardy lt Nick Jezeph 0-3


Liam Gutcher bt Graham Johnson 3-0
Jonathon Robson lt Simon Robinson 0-3
Peter Brierley lt Andrew Scott 0-3
Richard McCallister lt Josh Harris 0-3
Matthew Hardy lt Chris Allinson 0-3

The Boys U15 also had a hard time when they travelled down to Manchester. The team was Richard Shellam, Christian Beck(both Jesmond), Ben Gallagher( Tynemouth), Adam Brown( Newbiggin), Stuart Proctor (Westoe) and Dean Follin(Tynemouth). They played Lancashire, Cumbria and Durham & Cleveland only managing to win 1 string against Durham & Cleveland going down 4-1.

Thanks goes to all parents who took time to take the kids away.

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