Strong Representation at Regional Tournament in Yarm


The regional closed took place over weekend 10th/11th of march at Yarm squash club in Durham & Cleveland. It is a competition open only to juniors from Northumbria, D&C and Cumbria. All age groups played with many players from Northumbria not only entering but doing well.

Most of the success came at the younger age groups which is promising for the future, special mention to our winners, Maria Bainbridge beating fellow Northumbrian Lucy Beecroft 3-2 to win the girls U13. And Sophie Wylde from Alnwick beating Marrissa Herrington from Cumbria to take the girls U15 title!

Cumbria (C) ,Durham/Cleveland (D/C),Northumbria(N)

U11 mixed plate Rhys Hutchinson (D/C) bt Michael Graham(D/C) 8/15 15/7 15/12
U11 championship Katie Penrice (C) bt Adam Bainbridge ( N) 15/3 15/2

U13 Boys plate Alan Nicol (D/C) bt Michael Jones (D/C) 9/2 9/1 9/3
U13 Boys championship Luke Mabbott bt Elliott Park (N) 9/2 9/6 9/4

U13 Girls plate Anna Gibson (N) bt Victoria Watson (C) 9/2 9/4 9/2
U13 Girls championship Maria Bainbridge (N) bt Lucy Beecroft (N) 10/9 9/5 7/9 7/9 9/6

U15 Boys plate James Worsick (C) bt Cole Windscheffel (N) 9/2 9/7 9/0
U15 Boys championship Daniel Hockborn (D/C) bt Robert Harrison (D/C) 7/9 9/5 4/9 9/7 10/8

U15 Girls plate Emma Penrice (C) bt Philippa Hughes Narborough (D/C) 9/0 9/2 9/0
U15 Girls championship Sophie Bea Wylde (N) bt Marissa Herrington (C) 9/2 9/3 9/1

U17 Boys plate Luke Christian (C) bt Stephen Rowsby (D/C) 3/9 9/6 9/4 9/7
U17 Boys championship Jonathan Irving (C) bt Anthony Leatherland (D/C) 0/9 6/9 9/1 9/3 9/1

U17 Girls plate Gemma Hill (D/C) bt Sara Worsick (C) 9/5 9/1 9/2
U17 Girls championship Shawnee Hall (D/C) bt Louise Mawson (D/C) 9/0 9/1 9/0

U19 Boys championship Darren Shimwell (D/C) bt Liam Mabbott (D/C) 9/6 2/9 5/9 9/7 9/5

74 players entered the tournament which was played in an excellent spirit. A number of finals went to 5 games with the result in doubt until the final point.

Thanks to Malcolm Mills for running the event and sending all results to go on the website.

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