Girls U17 First Half Report

The Northumbria Under 17 girls which consisted of Sam Ward at No. 1 and the U-15 girls Lucy Beecroft, Maria Bainbridge, Jayne Oswald and Emma Hayley, played Cumbria and Yorkshire in this weekends county stage 1 match. Against Cumbria , they won a tightly fought match 3-2. First on, Maria and Emma both sailed to a 2-0 lead and looked like they were going to win …..but their opponents had other ideas and after very close matches, they both lost 3-2. And so the others had to win to take the match form Cumbria’s grasp, which they did emphatically, with Jayne, Lucy and Sam all winning 3-0. So a great start for the team .

And so on to the second match against a very strong Yorkshire team. Sam went on first, and gave the team a great start with a hard fought 3-2 win against Katie Smith – an excellent result for Samantha. Emma went so close to taking a game against her older and more experienced opponent, Hannah Shipley, but eventually lost 3-0. Jayne and Maria also played well but their opponents proved too strong. Against the highly ranked Jade Thompson, Lucy only narrowly lost the 1st two games then upped the pace and won the third fairly comfortably 11/5. However, Jade came out strong to take the 4th game, Lucy lost 3-1. Although the team lost 4-1 to this very strong Yorkshire team, all of the girls should be proud of their performances.

Results as follows:
vs. Cumbria 3-2
Sam Ward vs. Sarah Frain 3-0
11/6 11/3 11/4
Lucy Beecroft vs. Jessica Winder 3-0
11/6 11/6 11/6
Maria Bainbridge vs. Hannah Crichton 2-3
11/8 11/6 9/11 9/11 7/11
Jayne Oswald vs. Victoria Watson 3-0
12/10 15/13 11/4
Emma Hayley vs. Luisa Macgregor 2-3
11/3 11/9 9/11 10/12 9/11

vs. Yorkshire 1-4
Sam Ward vs. Katie Smith 3-2
6/11 11/4 11/6 10/12 11/9
Lucy Beecroft vs. Jade Thompson 1-3
9/11 10/12 11/5 4/11
Maria Bainbridge vs. Charlotte Kirkwood 0-3
3/11 4/11 9/11
Jayne Oswald vs. Millie Pughe 0-3
4/11 2/11 4/11
Emma Hayley vs. Hannah Shipley 0-3
4/11 12/14 7/11

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