Mens O55 Report

Mens o55 Inter-County weekend 21/22nd November

The team comprising 7 players from various clubs in the County travelled to Duffield Squash Club to compete against Derbyshire,Cumbria and Merseyside.

The squad was as follows; Derek Collins (Northern) John Smith (Newbiggin) Ken Johnson (Newbiggin) Colin McNestrie (Tynemouth) Jim Douglas (Northumberland Club) Stan Brown (Ashington) Mike Cherryman (Hexham)

First up against Derbyshire , we played our top 5 players with Jim and Ken getting us under way. With Jim having won 3-1 and Ken on match ball in the 4th game it looked very positive but how things can quickly change. Ten minutes later and the match score was 1-1. Derek, John and Colin all lost 3-1 but the matches were very close, so overall a 4-1 defeat and 18-8 points.

In the afternoon, Stan and Mike replaced Colin\Jim against Merseyside and with easy wins at the bottom of the order we were in a strong position with Ken 3-0,Stan 3-1 and Mike 3-0. The top 2 matches were a complete opposite of each other with John going 2-0 up, his opponent fighting back to 2-2 and John eventually taking a close 5th. Derek found himself down 2-0 against a difficult opponent but a never say die approach kept him in the match and after taking the 4th game, he stormed through the 5th 9-0. So a 5-0 win and 20-5 points score.

For the last match, we reverted back to the top order but despite some very close matches we lost 4-1. Colin ensured everyone won a match over the weekend by coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2. Jim lost 3-2, Ken 3-1, John 3-1 and Derek 3-1 against Ronnie Bell who is an England International. So match lost 4-1 and Points 19-7

The final County positions were; 1st Derbyshire 50 2nd Cumbria 46 3rd Northumbria 35 4th Merseyside 16

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