2020 Back the Bid

For all of you who might not have been following the fight to get squash into the Olympics in 2020 here is a great site to catch up with the current situation CLICK HERE for 2020 Olympics

Another site that Steve Cubbins manages to keep populated with great information.

Many thanks to Steve for his help with the overhaul of the Northumbriasquash.co.uk as without him things would probably look much the same!!!

Anyway back to the Olympics here is a bit of fun for you CLICK HERE for Olympic Poll – Vote now

Squash is lying in third place so get voting, if there are more wrestlers and softballers out there than squash players then I will eat one of Jamie Todd’s hats…


Just don’t get drawn into the arguments with the wrestlers as their opinion is that ‘Squash is just a vegetable’… carved-pumpkin-th


Here are the two main YouTube videos for the Squash bid:

First the official video CLICK HERE for Official 2020 Squash Bid video

and now the one to get people interested in CLICK HERE for 2020 Squash Bid sing-a-long vide

It would be great to get the ‘sing-a-long’ video to go viral, this would show the Olympic committee just how many people are interested in seeing Squash at 2020.

So if anyone knows how to this then get in touch and we can broadcast what to do for everyone to make this happen…

First post so be gentle, comments welcome…

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