Annual General Meeting – Tue 20th May, 7pm

Annual General Meeting 2014

Tuesday 20th May, 7.00pm

The Northumberland Club

All agenda items to Clare Woroniuk via Form below, to be received by Tuesday 13th May, 2014.

Agenda items for Discussion @ 13/05/2014

All are welcome to attend the AGM on Tuesday and anyone who would like to stand for election to the committee will need to make this known on the night to the chairman – Dave Barnett.

Item 1

    • One of the current league rule states that: Some clubs have Junior teams playing in the leagues as separate squads from the Senior teams. At the discretion of the LS, junior players may play up for higher placed Senior teams within their club. They should play in a position in the higher team commensurate with the club’s overall ranking order. I understand the intention of the rule is to help Junior players to grow and give them exposure to play in the higher league. However, this may appear to be unfair to other league players where they are required to play according to their nominated order. Suggest this rule is to be removed and all players should adhere to the same set of rules regarding nominations.
      Proposer:Eric Mok Seconder: Colin McNestrie

Item 2

    • With regards to league rule 8.5. Over the last couple of seasons we have had teams withdrawing from the leagues after the start of the season. If a club is represented by one team then of course it is that team that drops out. However there have been occasions where a club that has more than one team representing them has for whatever reason had to withdraw one of them. On these occasions it has been a highest ranked team that has dropped out. This we consider is unfair!, it should be the players playing in the lower ranked team/teams move up to that league as they would if the higher ranked team were a player/players short. If this means that the lowest ranked teams were left with insufficient players it is that team that should withdraw. By allowing the higher ranked teams to withdraw a club involved can then strengthen their lower ranked teams with the remaining members of that team giving them an unfair advantage. I propose a change in rule 8.5 namely, if a club is forced to withdraw any of its teams during the course of the season the remaining players in that club should all move up to the higher ranked teams in accordance with the internal ranking of that club. If the club then is unable to fulfil its fixtures for its lower ranked team it is that team that should withdraw.
      Proposer: Dave Buxton Seconder: David Brown

Item 3

    • The Cup Competitions are becoming much more eagerly contested and therefore it is important that the Northumbria Squash rules reflect the basis on which the cup competitions are played. The rules already make note of the Cups in section 1.1 but do not follow through with any specific rules. Two specific sections need to be addressed 1. Who is eligible to play and 2. Playing for more than 1 club team. Looking at the rules it would seem that by implication they cover these areas but do not specifically mention that they apply to Cup matches. Section 4 can deal with eligibility and sections 5.4 and 5.6 can be slightly expanded to include cup competitions. To maintain the spirit of the competition we do not want a situation that players are parachuted into the final teams without having played in any other rounds or any team matches through out the year.
      Proposer: Neil Campbell Seconder: Mark Haigh

Item 4

    • It is proposed that Rule 4.4 be strengthened so that all Clubs must nominate all their team players in merit order before the start of the season, for publication on the NSRA website, and that the current ability to use un-nominated players under Rule 5.1 be removed. Instead Clubs wanting to introduce a new player must use the existing Rule 4.7 to apply to the League Secretary for permission to introduce them at the appropriate position in their nominated order, according to merit.
      Proposer: John Thompson Seconder: Colin McNestrie

Item 5

    • It is proposed that Rules 3.5 & 3.6 be strengthened so that the conditions that allow postponements of games be clearer. To this effect postponements are only allowed in exceptional circumstances and only with the agreement of the league secretary. The main circumstances for postponements are bad weather affecting travel or problems with courts. Additional problems can occur and should be cleared with the league secretary as soon as possible but the main conditions for the postponement of a game have been defined. Any game can be re-arranged before the first game has been played, so once the fixtures have been issued then this is the time to re-arrange. This applies to both halves of the season. Rule 3.6 will have “except by mutual agreement between the teams concerned” removed.
      Proposer: Colin McNestrie Seconder: John Thompson

Item 6

  • Proposal to amend league rules to allow clubs with more than 1 team in the top divisions to have the option of nominating equal strength teams (rather than strongest 1st team and a weaker 2nd team). If a club chooses to nominate equal strength teams, then playing up rules to be amended to prevent cross over of players between these teams. This has already been in place for Northern Ladies teams in Ladies Division 1 for the last 2 seasons, but has never formally be documented in the League rules. Proposal is to formalise the option and extend this to the Men’s Premier Division.
    Proposer:: David North Seconder:: Alex Storey

Item 7

  • Chester Le Street would like to improve the lead times between completion of a team squash match and the subsequent posting of results on the website. There appears to be huge variances in the disciplines between clubs and would like the League to consider methods of improvement such as limiting the time period, supported by penalties for non compliance if necessary.
    Proposer: Antony Jowsey Seconder: Tom Beresford

Item 8

  • Chester Le Street would like to challenge the scoring system for relevant PAR 11 team squash leagues. The club recognises the potential requirement for PAR 11 scoring in the Premier League but feels that it is unjustified in other leagues where the standard of squash isn’t as high. Matches are finishing considerably earlier compared to English scoring, earlier than is necessary, and Chester Le Street players would generally prefer more competitive court time. A return to English scoring would be the preferred choice, folllowed by PAR 15 scoring as second choice.
    Proposer: Antony Jowsey Seconder: Stuart Telford