Annual General Meeting 2016 – Thursday 12th May at 7pm

Annual General Meeting 2016

Thursday 12th May, 7:00pm

The Northumberland Club

All are welcome to attend the AGM.

Anyone who would like to stand for election to the committee will need to make this known on the night to the chairman – Dave Barnett.

All agenda items to Clare Woroniuk via the form below, items for discussion to be received by Thursday 5th May, 2016.

All items for discussion will be added below so that details will be available for all attendees to discuss in advance of the AGM.

Agenda items for Discussion @ 25/04/2016

Item 1- Provisions for Newcastle University Squash Club 2016- 2019

    For many years, Newcastle University squash club has supported the Northumbria Squash leagues. We have enjoyed a high level of competition, and formed excellent friendships with other clubs and squash players across the county.
    Newcastle University Squash Club has had unprecedented success this year in the British University and College Sports league, which cumulated in the promotion of the Mens 1st team to the BUCS Premier Division. Promotion to this division means that the University will be playing against world ranked players, and alongside provisions that the University itself is making (for example, the creation of the post of Head of Racquet Sports), is ensuring that Newcastle University is on course to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in squash.
    As well as the continued development of squash within the student body, Newcastle University is committed to attracting the best possible students. A part of this is encouraging and sponsoring applications from top squash players both locally, nationally and internationally, in an attempt to make Newcastle University a hub of squash. This has a positive impact on the local community in that it not only preserves the strength of the county, it also improves the level of competition within the region and develops the talent located here.
    As part of the University’s Richardson Road development plan, the university sports centre is due to be extended with the inclusion of at least 4 brand new ASB glass-back squash courts. The downside of this development is that from the 17th June 2016 until September 2019, the university will be without squash courts.
    So far, we have been very lucky to secure courts for our BUCS matches on a Wednesday afternoon at Eldon Leisure. We have also reached a deal with The Northumberland Club in Jesmond, to provide us with some training facilities. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to secure a venue for our Northumbria Squash League matches.
    As members of Newcastle University Squash Club, we feel that competing in the Northumbria Squash Leagues is a crucial part of our club. We understand that as we face logistical trials, we will have to operate at a reduced level. However, it is our full intention that we are still able to field three teams in the men’s leagues throughout the regeneration of the Richardson Road site.
    Ideally, the University would be delighted to recompense any club that would be able to host Newcastle University Squash Club for all of their home fixtures in the Northumbria Squash Leagues throughout the upcoming seasons. Alternatively, Newcastle University Squash Club would like to propose that either
    (i) All of Newcastle University Squash Club’s fixtures be played at the opposing teams’ home venue as a double header.
    (So the match would be played as usual, but the league points awarded to each team as a result of that match would be doubled).
    (ii) All of Newcastle University Squash Club’s fixtures would be away fixtures, on the understanding that the University Team would pay both the cost both of hiring courts and of hospitality after the match.
    The second of these two options is, we believe, the most appealing as it minimises the impact caused by missing players. We also believe that the second option provides a financial incentive to the clubs in the same division as the University, as it increases court usage and doubles the revenue gained from food and drinks after the match.
    We appreciate that this is a difficult situation for the University, and the other teams in the Northumbria Leagues. We would appreciate any and all suggestions that you might have for us. We would also be more than happy to receive any comments or questions that you might have on this issue, particularly from the clubs that will be impacted directly by this situation in the coming years.

    • Proposer: Ryan Doran Seconder: Jack Hunter

Item 2 – Playing order/nominations

    We believe there should be some rules introduced in relation to players being nominated at the top of a team playing order but then either not playing or playing selective/limited games. For example we know of a player that was granted permission to change teams at New year (which is fine as it is in the rules) however the person had not played a single match in the Northumbria leagues before the new year and then played only one game after the new year. This is making a mockery of the system and has the potential to allow clubs to bring in ringers etc for promotion or relegation matches and takes away the sportsmanship of the leagues. If a player is injured and returning from injury and is then injured again we could understand but this was not the case. Possibly look at other counties to see what they do in relation to player nominations and have players play at least a certain amount of matches. No problem teams nominating their strongest team but surely the rules state the strongest team should play when available. We believe all teams should be trying to win all games and not pick and choose when to try to win.

    • Proposer: Chris Adamson Seconder: Dave Jackson

Item 3 – Promotion/Relegation

    We believe all leagues should have at the start of the season clear goals. So all leagues should know at the start of the season how many teams are promoted or relegated. We appreciate in the closed season teams may withdraw etc and this may mean teams are not relegated and may stay up, but it would give teams clear targets to reach to get promoted or avoid relegation. So we suggest simply a promotion / relegation line on each league at the start of the season.

    • Proposer: Chris Adamson Seconder: Dave Jackson

Item 4 – Rearranged matches or simply not playing

    It appears teams may be trying to rearrange games through lack of players or by simply not playing matches once they are mid table and have nothing left to play for. Obviously this could still impact on other teams that may have relegation or promotion hopes. Therefore any games that are not played should potentially have some form of punishment (points deducted etc) I appreciate not all the top players may be available to play for what ever reason but that is not the fault of the other teams and a team should play all games with the best team they have available at that time and fulfill all their fixtures.

    • Proposer: Chris Adamson Seconder: Dave Jackson

Item 5 – County Closed Championship to be held across a full week

    The County Closed this year tried running across a full week for the Masters Events and saw some success. I am proposing to extend this to all events to be held across the full year. As the number of players participates grows every year (80 in the main event this year!), this will allow more players to participate without packing all matches in just 3 days and allow more rest time for players between matches.
    To support this, Northumbria Squash League matches should be avoided during the week of the County Closed.

    • Proposer: Eric Mok Seconder: Ray Rycroft

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