Northumbria Squash Summer Leagues Finals 2016 Day 1

Day 1

Finals weekend 16th/17th of July at Tynemouth SRC featured Sunderland Scorpions versus Sunderland Stingers and Primrose Reds versus Westoe.
There was going to be a new name as champions although Sunderland Greens were winners last year. Games were played 4-3-2-1 with PAR-15 scoring.

Sunderland Scorpions vs Sunderland Stingers

Matt Agar 3-1 Alasdair Campbell 15-11 15-9 11-15 15-6
Howard McCain 3-0 Jeff Stoker 15-9 15-12 15-13
Eric Alderson 2-3 Rich Hodges 15-14 8-15 15-12 7-15 6-15
Paul Dodsworth 3-0 Simon Cliff Retired injured

Singers stung by the Scorpions fairly easily after number 1 Simon Cliff retiring injured within 5 points of the start. Jeff Stoker’s camouflage outfit failed to provide any ninja-like qualities as he went down in 3 to Howard who saw his every move.

Primrose and Westoe seemed well matched with the first and last matches going to 5.

Primrose Reds vs Westoe

Fiona McFarlane 2-3 Brian Pape 9-15 7-15 15-7 15-13 9-15
Steve Dodds 3-1 Stephen Wilkinson 15-6 15-6 11-15 15-10
Peter Douglas 2-3 Paul Little 14-15 9-15 15-8 15-9 13-15
Shiv Pabary 0-3 Chris Bowyer 7-15 11-15 9-15

So when the number 4’s stepped onto court we had both possibilities, a Reds win with Fiona needing a 3-0 win and Brian needing to win at least 2 games for Westoe to win. Brian won both the opening games putting Westoe through to the final, but Fiona won the next 2 games leaving Brian hanging on for the victory which he duly managed.

Congratulations to the Scorpions and Westoe who battle it out tomorrow to decide the new champions.

Here are some photos to share.

Day 1 MVP - Brian Pape
Day 1 MVP – Brian Pape
The MVP of the day goes to Brian Pape for his win against Fiona McFarlane.

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