Northumbria Squash League Fixtures – Winter 2016/17

To all Northumbria Squash League contacts

The new Winter League fixtures are now available to view by following this link

We are using the League Master system to run the Men’s and Ladies’ Winter Leagues, following its successful trial for the Summer Leagues. You will shortly be issued with a system login and password for your club, allowing you to enter club and team contact details and (in due course) match results.

You are invited to a Fixtures Meeting to be held on Wednesday 7th September at the Northumberland Club, Jesmond, starting at 7pm. At this meeting, I will explain the main features of League Master, and will remind you of the main League rule changes being introduced for the new season. I will also be distributing marking pads to club contacts.

In the meantime, please review your fixtures, which are provisional at this stage, and identify any proposed changes for discussion with your opponents. Once you have agreement on a proposed change, please then let me know as I will need to approve and update the relevant fixture on the system. You have until the end of September to agree any changes, after which the fixtures become final.

In particular, those teams playing Newcastle University teams need to be aware that (due to University court unavailability for the next three seasons) they will be playing all scheduled ‘away’ matches against the University at home, and will need to make provision for booking their home courts accordingly. This will inevitably cause some fixtures clashes at this stage, which will need to be resolved. The University contacts will be proactive in contacting their opponents about this, and agreeing reimbursement for courts and meals.

Each club contact is also requested to submit to me an initial list of nominations, team by team, for your whole club split between men’s and ladies’ teams, using the attached template, by Sunday 18th September, so that these can be loaded onto the system before the start of the season. Once loaded, the initial list may be amended up to the date of the first match.

If you have any queries about any of this, please let me know.

John Thompson
07968 483977

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