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Anyone who’s had the pleasure of maintaining a box league for a club will realise that it can be quite a time consuming job. Adding up points, working out who needs to be promoted and relegated, manually re-entering names into a spreadsheet for next season’s box league for the club noticeboard… the list goes on. speeds up all those tasks
The intuitive control panel will make it a breeze and a pleasure to organise your box league saving many tedious hours. Automatic promotion and relegation, invitations for those competing to be able to submit results, bespoke points system for calculating tables, player/team stats with progress charts, archived leagues, various pdfs for your club noticeboard and many other features all taken care of. will help motivate players to complete their matches
Submitting, editing and deleting results is super easy! All competitors have their own comprehensive results/stats page and there’s even an automatically generated ranking list. will increase club revenue
Read this testimonial by Ray Rycroft (Tynemouth Squash League Administrator).

“I was keen to try and stimulate the amount of club league games that were getting played. The standard box league system had been in operation for many years. The Reckify system has been a great stimulant, far better than we could have expected. As proof, our Nov/Dec 2021 league period (without Reckify) saw 94 league games completed, providing a revenue of £658. The Jan/Feb 2022 league period (with Reckify) saw an increase up to 154 games. That was an increase of 60 games and a revenue of £1075. That’s a £417 court fee increase on league games alone. In addition 16 new players requested joining the leagues upon hearing about Reckify. More games! more revenue!”

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