U17 & U13 First Half Round-Up


The u17 and u13 boys and girls teams played on Sunday ?? of November. It was good news for all!!

Boys u17 travelled to Manchester to play Lancashire and Cumbria. The team was Dave Elsender, Richard Shellam, Alex Storey, Dan Ward, Daniel Routledge and David Breakey. The match against Lancashire was a tough one with the top 3 in their team in the top 20 in England. The match was lost 5-0 with only Richard Shellam managing to get a game! The match against Cumbria was however Nortumbria’s turn to win 5-0 and therefore come 2nd in the group and progress to the next round in feb/march time.

Girls u17 also travelled and played at Darlington against Durham & Cleveland and Cumbria. The team was Sarah Oswald, Anna Oswald, Sara Potter , Hannah Cliff and Lucy Robinson. They won both matches , 5-0 against Cumbria and 4-1 Vs D & C. With number 1 Kimberley Hay to come back for second half the girls have a good chance of reaching the National finals!

Boys u13 had a home venue at the Northumberland club and played 3 matches on the day, against Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and D & C. The team was Stephen Twaddle, Elliott Park, Richard Ridgeway, Jonathon Lightley, Martyn Hope and Adrian De Keiweit. The first match was Vs Lincs and it proved a great start with a 5-0 win, Stephen Twaddle winning 10/9 in the fifth. Next was a very strong Yorkshire team who didn’t drop a game beating us 5-0. The last match was to decide 2nd place in the group, we beat D & C 4-1 with a great effort from Richard Ridgeway winning 9/6 in th fifth.

Girls u13 was just a 3 player team, it was Maria Bainbridge, Lucy Beecroft and Anna Gibson ( photo above). They had great success without dropping a match beating Cumbria, Lancashire and North Wales 3-0 and progressing to the next stage. Anna Gibson had agreat effort coming from 2-0 down in her match against North Wales to win.

1 H.Crichton Lt 1 M.Bainbridge 0—–3 2/9 6/9 5/9
2 K. Prentice Lt 2 L. Beecroft 0—–3 0/9 0/9 1/9
3 C.Musson Lt 3 Anna Gibson 0——-3 2/9 2/9 0/9

Cumbria Lt Northumbria 0-9 Points:0-14

1 C.Sane Lt 1 M. Bainbridge 0-3 1/9 0/9 1/9
2 L. Kellett Lt 2 L. Beecroft 0-3 0/9 0/9 0/9
3 L.Molyneux Lt 3 A. Gibbons 0-3 4/9 0/9 1/9

Lancashire Lt Northumbria 0-9 Points: 0-14

1 E.Jones bt 1 M.Bainbridge 1—–3 5/9 5/9 9/5 3/9
2 A.Lodwick Lt 2 L. Beecroft 0—-3 2/9 0/9 4/9
3 C.Edmondson Lt 3 A. Gibson 2——3 9/2 9/6 2/9 9/104/9

North Wales Lt Northumbria Points:3-14

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