County O45’s Win Group vs Merseyside and Cumbria. Immediate Focus is on Iboprufen (Double Strength), Ralgex and Knee Supports

County O-45 Matches – 30th Nov 2008

“ This is no exaggeration – this team could be world champions” – (a drunk bloke in the club, Nov 2008.


Three counties contested the Division 1 North section; Northumbria, Merseyside and Cumbria.

Match 1 vs. Merseyside – Won 4-1.

Maurice at No. 5 really seemed up for the weekend, with clean shirts and everything, and played some outstanding squash against a very handy opponent. Maurice raced to a 2-0 lead on a cold court, before being pegged back to 2-2. However he regained his touch in the 5th like a crazy fox to win a great match 3-2. There were no more games after that, because 3-2 meant it had finished.

Paul B at No. 4 had a closely fought contest, narrowly losing the 2nd to go 2-0 down but then fighting hard to win the 3rd to pull it back to 2-1. We tried to say it was actually 2-2 but they twigged on dead fast and may have reported us to the squash police for blatant blatancy. A closely fought 4th game though meant Paul narrowly lost 3-1 – a great effort, but to that Merseyside guy – hey, you’ll be a year older next year mate, we’ll get you then.

Russell, Glenn and Paul M. at No.’s 3, 2 & 1 respectively all had hard competitive games, but came them all 3-0 to give the match to Northumbria 4-1. Russell as ever was played at his usual frantic pace, and was 2-0 up before his opponent had put his shorts on. Glenn ‘s anecdotes of squash from a long gone era bored his opponent into submission, and Millos 80’s mullet actually played on its own which surprised even us as usually he keeps it firmly glued in place.

A great result – but we didn’t know what to expect from Cumria.

Match 1 vs. Cumbria – Won 4-1.

Well it wasn’t much. Cumbria were weaker than Merseyside. We also noticed they spoke a lot different as well.

Maurice at No. 5 continued his good form winning 3-0 after a spirited fight back by his opponent to 10-8 in the 3rd. On these performances, we have put Maurice forward for the County –U-19 squad,

Paul B at No. 4 had some bad luck. He was comfortably winning the 1st game of his match and was clearly going to win, – when he pulled a muscle in his leg. We didn’t think he had any, but apparently he has, and he pulled it. So he had to retire hurt after the 2nd game. Unlucky Paul.

Russell, Glenn and Paul M. at No.’s 3, 2 & 1 all won comfortably 3-0 to again give the match to Northumbria 4-1. All 3 played some good squash although I think the words you will hear from them will be “ brilliant”, and “outstanding”. But that’s squash for you isn’t it. You weren’t there so you’ll never know. We were. And we were brilliant and outstanding.

So we won the group and progress to the promotion stages. When we arrived home, we were greeted by street parties in our honour. There was bunting, whatever that is, Ritz crackers, and Blue Nun. There was a guest appearance by David Van Day out of Dollar, but he’d left the blonde bird at home so we were a bit disappointed.

Team; Paul Millington. Glenn Ward, Russell Hunter, Paul Beecroft, Maurice Cliff

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