Northumbria Players Help North-East to Victory

This seasons inter-regional team championships took place in Birmingham over the 17th/18th of April. The country is divided up into 8 regions who then compete against one another to find a winner. There were 7 different teams of 4 players, boys and girls U17, U15 and U13 with a mixed U11’s.

The North-east team comprises of the best players from the cou nties of Yorkshire, Durham & Cleveland and Northumbria, Northumbria had 5 players spread amongst the teams, Sam Ward (girls u17), Lucy Beecroft, Maria Bainbridge (both girls u15), Alex Robertson (boys u13) and Laura Neill (girls u13).

The North-East won the competition over all winning 4 of the 7 team categories and Northumbria players were part of 3 of those winning teams. Sam Ward won all of her 4 matches in the winning girls U17 team. Lucy Beecroft and Maria bainbridge (u15 team in photo) won 3 out of 4 of their matches in the winning U15 girls team and Alex Robertson helped the boys U13 team to victory. Laura Neill’s U13 team finished in a credible 4th place.

A definate big influence by Northumbria players on the winning result, well done to them all.

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