O55 First Half report

County 055 First Half Report

The first half matches were held at Fairways Lodge Hotel in Preswich, Manchester between Lancashire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire & Northumbria on the 6&7th November. Following a few withdrawals through injury, we travelled with 5 players namely Derek Collins ( Northern), Alan Coates ( Dunston), Ken Johnson ( Newbiggin) and Jim Doulas\Steve Atkinson from the Northumberland Club.

With 3 matches in 24 hours, we knew we were in trouble and 3-0 quick victories were a definite requirement. If only that had been the case as we encountered Lancashire in our first match and 4 of the matches went the full distance. Jim from 2-0 up encountered major difficulties with the referee and managed to lose 3-2, Derek and Ken won 3-2 and Steve only just lost 3-2. Alan was making his debut for the team and in the no 2 position, he was always going to be up against it but nevertheless put up some strong resistance despite losing 3-0.

 Obviously for the evening match, the energy levels were at the minimum level and we took a beating from Cheshire 5-0 although Jim and Derek only narrowly lost 3-2 again. After an evening in the bar and energy levels restored, we took on the leaders Notts in our 3rd match and again performed well just losing 3-2. The full results are outlined below with Notts (48), Lancs (43), Cheshire (36) and Northumbria 23 points.

1st Match v Lancashire lost 3-2 (18-10)

Derek Collins v Dave Swallow 3-2

Alan Coates v Bob Holdsworth 0-3

Steve Atkinson v Neil Rodda 2-3

Jim Douglas v Gary Biggins 2-3

Ken Johnson v Alistair Swift 3-2

2nd Match v Cheshire lost 5-0 ( 20-4)

Derek Collins v john Duckworth 2-3

Alan Coates v Mick Broomhall 0-3

Steve Atkinson v Geoff Walton 0-3

Jim Douglas v Rod Boswell 2-3

Ken Johnson v Martin Brooke 0-3

3rd Match v Nottinghamshire lost 3-2 ( 16-8)

Derek Collins v John Limb 3-1

Alan Coates v Alan Turner 1-3

Steve Atkinson v Granville Berry 3-1

Jim Douglas v John Forester 1-3

Ken Johnson v Murray Frew 0-3

We go into the relegation group which will be played in February next year and hoping to save our position in Division 1. 

Jim Douglas

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