Mens O55 Inter-County report

Mens 055 – 2nd Stage Relegation Division 1 Group


The 2nd stage group matches were held at Duffield Squash Club, the home club of Nick Matthew over the weekend of 26/27th March and were contested between Dorset, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire and Northumbria. The squad players representing the County were ;

 John Thompson – Tynemouth

 Gary Clark  -Dunston

 Steve Blake – Hexham

 Alan Coates – Dunston

 Ken Johnson – Newbiggin

 Jim Douglas – Northumberland Club

 Mike Cherryman – Hexham

The 1st match against Gloucestershire produced wins for Steve,Alan and Ken and 2 defeats for John & Gary giving us a winning team start 3-2. The 2nd match proved much tougher against home opposition from Derbyshire and we lost 4-1 overall with John winning at No 1. Mike and Steve had very close 5 game defeats and Alan and Jim lost out 3-0 and 3-1.

 The final match against unbeaten Dorset could have gone either way but we eventually went down 3-2. Steve and Ken played exceptionally well to win 3-2 and 3-1 and John just lost out 9-7 in the fifth but earlier defeats for Jim & Gary, left the County finishing in 3rd place overall and unfortunately relegated to Division 2 for next season.

Overall County placings were ;

1)     Dorset 54 points

2)     Derbyshire – 34 points

3)     Northumbria – 30 points

4)     Gloucestershire – 27 points

Jim Douglas

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