Northumberland Junior Open

Northumberland Club Junior Squash Open

14/15th April 2012

 The competition this year attracted a very strong entry with 120 players covering Boys & Girls age groups of u11,13, 15, 17 and 19 respectively. 

There was massive interest from local players but also many entries from Yorkshire,Cumbria and Durham&Cleveland.

 A special thanks to Prince and Ian Wood sports who sponsored the event.

 The final results are shown below;

                   Winners                                   Runners-up

Boys u11     Andrew Shipley – N’umbria    Adam Goad -Cumbria

Boys u13    Max Forster – N’umbria           Angus Forster – N’umbria

Boys u15    Stuart McGregor –Yorks         Dan Harrison –Cumbria

Boys u17    Jack Bearpark –Yorks             MarkRichmond– Warks

Boys u19    Tom Lee –Yorks                      Ian Hogg –Yorks


Girls u11    Lucinda Cross- D&C                Lydia Robinson –Yorks

Girls u13    Josie Barker – N’umbria                   Poppy Jaram –Yorks

Girls u15    Laura Neill – N’umbria            Tegan Younger – N’umbria

Girls u17    Charlotte Cooper- N’umbria   CharlotteFish –Yorks

Girls u19    Helen Dowson – D&C              Sarah Frain –Cumbria

 Throughout the weekend there were some epic matches and high drama but without doubt, the match that attracted the most attention was the Boys u13 final between the Forster boys Angus and Max. Three of the games went to extra points to find the winner and Max’s never say die and constant returns finally won the day. One can forsee many more matches between them in the future.

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