Squash Leagues underway!

Only two weeks into the new season and we’ve already had plenty of ups and downs… both on and off court!

Before a ball was even hit of the new season, we had a dispute and a claim for a walk-over!  Plenty of on-court drama too!

Eldon Leisure 1 made their debut in Div 1 with the narrowest of victories over reformed Sunderland 2, winning 14 points to 12 points!  The tie came right down to the wire, in the 5th match Guy Jepson came from 2-0 down to win 11-4 in the 5th over Steve Cuthbert!

We’ve heard of teams turning up with 4 players, some may even turn up with 3! But Tynemouth 3 decided to bring 6 along to Ashington in Div 3, and then sent one home!

Scotezzi opened their campaign with a resounding 5-0 win over Consett 2 in Div 4, but have they peaked too soon??!  Tynemouth 4 are the early front runners in Div 6 with 2 big victories in their 2 matches, they look strong and will take some beating!

We want to see match reports in the notes section when you are inputting results, and we will endeavor to put up something on the website to keep Northumbrians informed of this season’s shenanigans!  Let us know of any potential glamour ties, and you might get a crowd!

To keep ResultsZone up-to-date, please let us know your fixture changes.  And if you haven’t done so already, let us have your nominations.

Have a good season!


  1. Ashington News. A reasonable start for the 3 teams from “Asha’un”. Adam, big Dug, the Terminator, and the Ice (Cream) Man gannen canny.
    Don’t you just love the place? Huge car park, endless corridors, and the highest balcony in the land – which often resonates to the dulcet tones of the Marker delivered in the friendly local twang, “ho young ‘un, if ye divvent gan and seek the baal, it’s nay let”.
    This par scoring to 15 is hard. As I said to Mrs.K, “whose idea was it for sudden death at 14 all?”. “Probably yours” she answered wryly. Oops!

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