County Ladies on a mission!

Left to right - Emma, Sam, Maria, Sarah B, Sarah Os

After getting relegated from the premier division last season Northumbria ladies are on a mission to ensure they get promoted this season.

We played the weekend without our no. 1 Lucy Beecroft as she was injured, but still had a strong team of, Sam Ward, Sarah Bowles, Sarah Oswald, Emma Gregson and Maria Bainbridge.  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy against Lancashire, Yorkshire 2 and Durham and Cleveland, but we knew we could do it.

We started with one of our hardest matches V Lancashire.  Maria and Sarah Os started us off strongly with 3-0 wins.  Emma and Sarah both had closer games but still managed a victory, with Sam struggling against Amina Helal (Lancashire’s number 1 who went on to win all of her games) meaning we had a 4-1 victory under our belt.

We knew our second match would be tough V Yorkshire 2 who had a very strong team.  Sarah Os and Maria got us off to a brilliant start again with another two 3-0 victories.  Sam and Emma both lost 3-1 meaning Sarah B had it all to play for going into her game with the match ties at 2-2.  It was a fantastic but nerve racking match Sarah V Clare Walker and after a hard battle Sarah managed to take the match 11-6 in the fifth to seal the win!

After 2 wins we thought we would go out and celebrate, but we also made sure we went out with our lovely opponents on the Sunday – the Durham and Cleveland team.  The next day, despite a few sore heads we managed a 5-0 victory to finish top in the group and into the promotion group!

Here’s to a success in the promotion group in March in Yorkshire!



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