Northumbria Senior County Closed 2014

The event will be held at Tynemouth Squash Club from 24th – 26th January 2014.

Similar to last year, there will be a Mens, Ladies, Mens O45, Mens O55 and the Ladies O40 but for the first time a Doubles event will be included.

Please help promote this event by printing out and displaying the poster around your club noticeboards so everyone gets to know it is happening, lets have a bumper entry this year!

If you have any problems with printing out the poster then contact Eric Mok.

Entries @ 13/01/2014
Neil Campbell O45
Andrew Smith O45
Nick Thorton Main:Mens
John Peacock Main:Mens
Matt Hardy Main:Mens
Steve Cubbins Main:Mens O55 with ?
David King-Jones Main:Mens
Amy Rowell Main:Ladies
Emma Rowell Main:Ladies
Ryan Hall Main:Mens with Matthew Donnelly
Mike Cherryman Main:Mens O55 with Colin McNestrie
Dave Barnett Main:Mens
Cai Younger Main:Mens
Tegan Younger Main:Ladies
Matthew Donnelly Main:Mens with Ryan Hall
Peter Fargher Main:Mens
Adam Perrin Main:Mens
Stuart Proctor Main:Mens with Steve Robson
Steve Robson Main:Mens with Stuart Proctor
Andrew Purdy Main:Mens
Jon Evans Main:Mens
Chris Hull Main:Mens
Liam Gutcher Main:Mens
Matthew Cooper Main:Mens
Cameron Brown Main:Mens with Martin Bone
Peter Slaughter O45
David Jackson Main:Mens
Alan Coates O55
Wayne Hollywood Main:Mens
Frederick Bolton O55
Emma Gregson Main:Ladies
Guy Eniona Main:Mens
James Gilbert Main:Mens
John Thompson O55
Clare Woroniuk Main:Ladies
Istvan Soos Main:Mens O45
Mike Paul O45
Dylan Younger with Alex Storey
Alex Storey with Dylan Younger
John Palmer O55
Steve Brown Main:Mens O45
Hannah Cliff Main:Ladies
Jamie Todd Main:Mens
Chris Wiggins Main:Mens
Sean Millington Main:Mens
Martin Bone Main:Mens with Cameron Brown
Paul Lord Main:Mens
Sam Ward Main:Ladies
Glenn Ward O45
Dan Ward Main:Mens
Peter Downs Main:Mens with Steve Drummond
Steve Drummond Main:Mens with Peter Downs
Count down to the closing date of the 18th of January is now on

– entries by email to or alternatively use the form below:

County Closed Poster 800

Download the poster as a PDF

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  1. Hey all, I just want to say I can’t wait for Northumberlandria County Closed Open to start this weekend. I was going to enter the over – 6ft Category but couldn’t find it and now I’ve missed the deadline. There’s always some great squash played in this event – last year I seen loads of stuff worth copying. I always find it funny how the finalists are always from this area – its like they try harder to get through when its held up here. I remember one year the quality was so high they ran out of shots by the 3rd round, and had to play the remaining matches using a combination of ‘predicted shot’ and ‘what might have happened’. That was great to watch. I also remember one year in the Mens Under-active semi final, Lenny Lazylob played a backhand forehand into the alternative corner – no one had ever seen that before, never mind watched it! Amazing! And I’m really looking forward to the new Doubles event as well – although I’m not sure how that’s gonna work! I think it must be something like each pair has half a court to themselves, and they serve at the other 2 in the other half, to see who wins. Then they swap around, or something…..oh its so complicated! Anyway, – Good look to all the competitrants. Laters. Bobby.

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