Your County Needs You!

Hi all
We would love to put a Northumbria squash rock band together to play at the end of season presentation.
The main idea behind it is to prevent what happened last year at Tynemouth and indeed many other years previous where people got their trophy and just left.
If we had a band made up of well known characters from different clubs –  imagine the buzz that would create in the squash community!!
James Wilstrop and Lee Beechill had a band at Pontefract- but ours will be better!
Here’s how I see it:
  • We do 4 songs – 1 before the presentations, 1 in the middle,  & then 2 after the food
  • We have a core band of drums, guitars x2, bass guitar. Keyboard,
  • We have 4 different guest singers 1 per song
  • The songs are well known, catchy songs
  • All the song words  are changed to make them squash , people or club relevant  – and funny.
  • The band is polished and rehearsed, which surprises everyone
  • We play thru a mixing desk.
Now – it  wont be easy.  It will require us all to commit to it and help out in many aspects; getting equipment , somewhere to rehearse,  equipment and mixing desk for the day, etc.
If you would like to give it a go and help make the night go with a bang, pls just call me or e mail me at
Presentation night  is on April 26th  so we have time to do it if we start now.


  1. Can’t play any instruments, am tone deaf
    but great idea and would love to help out – roadie?

  2. Hey Northumbrialand squash, what a great idea to put this band together for the presentation night. I did exactly the same thing myself in the Eighties with some of the lads down at the Yellow Dot factory. Lenny Lob was on bass, Vivien Volley on lead guitar, Freddy Forehand on drums. Davey Drop was on rhythm, with me on lead vocals coz it was my band and I wanted to be the singer. We went down a storm. The club owner said we were “playing notes that haven’t even been bloody invented” – what a great compliment. Of the 8 people that were there, 5 of them stayed right until the 2nd song. The other 3 had to leave halfway through the 1st song for some ‘family crisis’, which was unfortunate. We were going to tour some of the other clubs in the area, but apparently none of them had extension leads or anything so we couldn’t. Anyway, I had already decided on the strength of that gig to go solo, just as ‘Bobby B’. I didn’t get any actual bookings cos my agent ran off with the money kitty and resign pads that I’d hidden in my racquet cover. But hey if it comes off I’ll be there – I could even get up and do a couple of verses of Mull of Kintyre! Laters, Bobby.

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