League Cup Finals, Northumbria Cup, Presentation Evening

Photo Gallery from this year’s Finals and Presentation Evening

The Conduct Warnings

Northumbria Squash Leagues 2013/2014 Awards
Division Winners Runner-Up Player of Season
Premier Northern 1 Northumberland 1 Liam Gutcher (Northern)
One Sunderland 1 Northumberland 2 Paul Dodsworth (Sunderland)
Two Northumberland 3 Chester-Le-Street 1 David Breakey (Northumberland)
Three Virgin Active Wearside Northern 4 Richard Bradley (Tynemouth)
Four Eldon Leisure 2 Sunderland 3 Eric Alderson (Sunderland)
Five Consett SD 3 Northumberland 6(J) Joe Wareing (Northumberland)
Six Chester-Le-Street 3 Tynemouth 4 David Harrison (Chester-Le-Street)
Ladies One Northumberland Ladies 1 Tynemouth Ladies 1 Maria Bainbridge and Charlotte Cooper (Northumberland)
Ladies Two Northern 3 Tynemouth 3 Jennifer Lumley (Eldon Leisure)


Results from the finals to follow…

Finals on Saturday 26th April, 3pm
League Cup A – Tynemouth 2 vs Northumberland 2
League Cup B – Scotezzi vs Northumberland 6(J)
Ladies League Cup – Northern Ladies 3 vs Primrose Ladies

Northumbria Cup Finals will now start at 5pm
Mens Final – Tynemouth 1 vs Northern 1
Ladies Final – Tynemouth Ladies 1 vs Northumberland Ladies 1


Throughout the season, teams across the region have been battling it out in the League Cup competitions.
From 22nd April to 26th April, The Northumberland Club will play host to the Semi-Finals, and Finals in all our cup competitions.  The season will then draw to an end with our Presentation Evening.

This season has seen a lot more interest in the competitions, with teams realising its a chance to win silverware.  In League Cup A, there are no surprises, the top seeds Northumberland 2, Tynemouth 2, and Ashington 1 negotiated their way through the early rounds with little fuss.  Completing the last four is Chester Le Street 1, who will be looking to retain the title they won last season!

League Cup A Semi-Finals (7pm start):
Tuesday 22nd April – Northumberland 2 vs Chester Le Street 1 Northumberland 2 won 3-2
Wednesday 23rd April – Ashington 1 vs Tynemouth 2 Tynemouth 2 won 5-0

In League Cup B, Tynemouth 4 negotiated a preliminary round before joining the main draw, and continued to knock-out higher ranked Westoe 3, and Newcastle University 3 to take their place in Finals Week. Not to be out done, Northumberland 6(J), who have secured promotion, showed the division above that they will more than match them next season with wins against Consett 2, and Sunderland 3 in the cup. Chester Le Street 3 add to the club’s growing reputation as the Cup experts in joining the last four, along with Scotezzi who are the highest ranked team left in the competition.

League Cup B Semi-Finals (7pm start):
Tuesday 22nd April – Northumberland 6(J) vs Chester Le Street 3 Northumberland 6(J) won 4-1
Wednesday 23rd April – Tynemouth 4 vs Scotezzi Scotezzi won 3-2

In the Ladies League Cup, a 4th team from Tynemouth to make the finals week will be Tynemouth Ladies 3 who narrowly escaped defeat against Eldon Leisure Ladies, whilst Northern Ladies 3 were too strong for Northumberland Ladies 2. Making up the last four are Primrose Ladies, and Newcastle Uni Ladies who take their places on default.

Ladies League Cup Semi-Finals (7pm start):
Thursday 24th April – Tynemouth Ladies 3 vs Primrose Ladies, Northern Ladies 3 vs Newcastle Uni Ladies

BOTH MATCHES CANCELLED !!!  Ladies League Cup Final – Primrose Ladies vs Northern Ladies 3 – Saturday 26th April, 3pm.

As if that wasn’t enough, the traditional season-ending Northumbria Cup will take place at The Northumberland Club on Fri 25th, and Sat 26th April. The top four teams from the Mens Premier Division, and Ladies Division 1 will compete for this coveted trophy.

Northumbria Cup Semi-Finals (7pm start):
Friday 25th April – Mens – Northern 1 vs Northumbria Blues, Northumberland 1 vs Tynemouth 1
Friday 25th April – Ladies – Northumberland Ladies 1 vs Northern Ladies 1B, Tynemouth Ladies 1 vs Northern Ladies 1A

The Finals in all five of our Cup competitions will commence at 3pm on Saturday 26th April. Please see amended schedule at top of this post.

The Presentation Evening will commence at 7.30pm.  (Please note this is a ticket event, which must be purchased in advance.)

There will be live music from “The Conduct Warning’s” – a band formed by our own squash players!  Plenty of awards to give out, and a buffet dinner.

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  1. Hey Northumbrialand squash, I can’t wait for Finals Night on Saturday – I’ve ironed my tank top and starched me Geordie jeans, and I’ve got an old bottle of Blue Stratos Aftershave I’m going to crack open and put on. You never know I might get lucky, if the Old Backhand Charm works its magic like it used to do in the Seventies when I worked on the Waltzer & Dodgems ! That was before I broke me ankle trying to jump carriages after 2 bottles of cider, showing off to Shazza Brown. Anyway I’m sure there’ll be some great squash played and some average stuff as well, but I’ll probably not watch that bit. I’ve heard a lot about this pop band The Conduct Warnings, who are on. Apparently they sound like a cross between a washing machine and a coat hanger – sounds good to me. I hope they don’t ask me to get up and play anything – most pop groups normally do when they see me in the crowd. Last time I was at The City Hall, Mark Enoughler from Direr Straights got me up and I played solo for the next 2 hrs! I was brilliant. At least I think that’s what happened – I was out of my head on Karakal, grips that night! Also, when I invented hop-hip in the Seventies before it became popular, I used to write all the hooks for Beyonce – before she was even invented .That’s how far ahead I was. Michael Jackson also nicked 2 of my songs ‘Billy’s Jeans’ and ‘ Thrill Her” and said they were his. Never did get any credits for those but hey thats life! See You Saturday. Laters, Bobby.

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