Northumbria Squash Leagues 2014/15 Season Bulletin 1

Welcome to the new Northumbria Squash Leagues season.

The fixtures begin on the 9th of September with the honour of being first to play shared by Dunston 4 vs Newbiggin 3 and Walker 1 vs Westoe 4.

So if you are anywhere near Dunston or Walker then pop along and give them some support.

As already publicised the Leagues Rules have been re-vamped to try to make them more understandable and a better fit for the modern game. Rules are available on the website and can be downloaded to read (and digest) at your leisure.

One of the major changes is with regard to nominations. The changes are to help make the League Secretary’s job a bit easier.

Therefore it is best to read all of point 4 Player Registration and Nominations.

With particular emphasise on the below points:

4.4. Each club must nominate in writing to the LS, before the start of the League Season, a club ranking order showing all team players in their strict order of merit, for publication on the NSRA website. Clubs must nominate a minimum of 5 players for each team.


4.7. New players may be introduced into the nominations, or existing nominations may be amended, at the discretion of the LS. Such approval must be confirmed prior to playing a match. A club may not introduce a new player into the nominations when any of its teams benefitting from such nomination has less than half of its second half matches to play.

A player that is NOT nominated is no longer allowed within the rules, so that even stand-by players, or club players drafted in at the last minute MUST still be notified to the LS before taking part in a match. These players are not just simply slotted in at the bottom, but must play in a position relative to their ability. There will be some leniency applied to this situation for the 2014/15 season only – so be prepared to be challenged!!

Your priority should be to get your nominations sorted and sent to the LS BEFORE your first game.

Best of luck to all participating teams.

Simon Ho

League Secretary (LS)

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