Northumbria Squash Leagues 2014/15 Season Bulletin 2

More details to be aware of from the re-vamp of the League rules.

A reminder of the scoring that is to be adhered to for the 2014/15 league season – see 6.5:

6.5 Each team will consist of 5 players who must play strictly in nominated order, and the order for each match must be declared on the scorecard before the match commences. Each tie will be the best of 5 games, with Point-a-Rally scoring to 15 points (with “sudden death” at 14-all) in all Leagues except the Premier Division and Division 1 of the Men’s Leagues, which will have Point-a-Rally scoring to 11 points (with “2-clear” from 10-all).

The alteration of fixtures has also been changed – see rules 7.1 and 8.5:

7.1 One point will be awarded for each game won with an extra bonus point for each player in the winning team. Thus a maximum of 20 points is available to the winners of a match with a 5 player team. When a team concedes a match their opponents shall receive 20 points. Teams conceding will receive zero points for the first match conceded and minus 20 points for the second match conceded. If a third match is conceded during the season then reference should be made to rule 8.5.

8.5 If a club withdraws one of its teams from the Leagues during the season then all that team’s fixtures for the season will be declared void, and the withdrawing team placed in the bottom position – subject to the team being able to re-form the following season. A team conceding more than two fixtures during the season will be treated as having withdrawn. Rule 4.3 regarding transfer of a player’s representation to another club, Rule 5.1 regarding not playing below their nominated position and Rule 4.6 regarding re-nomination of the club’s ranking order will apply to all players nominated for the withdrawing team.

Lets also not forget that there is a cost involved for the home team when cancelling matches at the last moment – see 3.8:

3.8 Should a team fail to arrive for a match on the arranged date or cancel at less than 7 days’ notice that team shall, on appeal, forfeit the match. In addition the opposing team may claim out of pocket expenses against the cancelling team such as court fees and food for home teams and travelling expenses for away teams. When a team fails to complete a home match during a season, the opposing team may claim 50% of expenses in lieu of the return match not being played. All such claims must be copied in writing to the LS.

The recording of match results in ResultsZone should also be entered within 5 days. Either team captain can enter the results – see 7.3:

7.3 Unless otherwise agreed it is the responsibility of the home team to ensure the correct result (ie match scores including game scores) has been posted on the NSRA website within 5 days of the match being played. Teams consistently failing to comply with this may be penalised. Any anomalies, i.e. players not registered or not nominated, disputed score etc. should be notified to the LS for action.

Lets use ResultsZone to its full capacity gets those results in early whether you win or lose.

And last of all just a reminder from bulletin 1 that all nominations should be received by the LS BEFORE your first game is played.

Lets make this a great season and once again good luck to all teams…

Simon Ho

League Secretary (LS)

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