Senior County Closed

The Senior County Closed is played every January in conjunction with the Northumbria Masters County Closed and is open to all Northumbrian players. This event has been played at many venues in Northumbria and the venue is open to change from year to year.

YearMen’s ChampionWomen’s Champion
2022/2023M. MattimoreH. Cliff
2021/2022M. MattimoreS. Ward
2020/2021L. GutcherS. Ward
2019/2020M. ForsterS. Ward
2018/2019M. ForsterS. Ward
2017/2018M. ForsterS. Ward
2016/2017L. GutcherS. Ward
2015/2016D. Barnett H. Cliff
2014/2015D. Barnett L. Beecroft
2013/2014D. Barnett S. Ward
2012/2013D. Barnett L. Beecroft
2011/2012D. Barnett S. Ward
2010/2011D. Barnett S. Ward
2009/2010D. Barnett K. Hay
2008/2009D. Barnett K. Hay
2007/2008D. Barnett K. Hay
2006/2007D. Barnett S. Bowles
2005/2006D. Barnett S. Bowles
2004/2005D. Barnett S. Bowles
2003/2004D. BarnettJ. Martin
2002/2003B.D. Beeson K. Paasivirta
2001/2002P. Millington J. Martin
2000/2001J. Dale J. Martin
1999/2000J. Dale J. Martin
1998/1999J. Dale J. Martin
1997/1998J. Dale J. Martin
1996/1997J. DaleJ. Martin
1995/1996B.D. Beeson D.M. Ross
1994/1995B.D. Beeson J. Martin
1993/1994P. MillingtonD.M. Ross
1992/1993B.D. Beeson E. Wood
1991/1992B.D. Beeson E. Wood
1990/1991B.D. BeesonJ. Martin
1989/1990R.J. EvansJ. Martin
1988/1989B.D. Beeson J. Martin
1987/1988B.D. Beeson J. Martin
1986/1987B.D. Beeson J. Cook
1985/1986B.D. Beeson J. Cook
1984/1985B.D. Beeson J. Cook
1983/1984B.D. Beeson J. Cook
1982/1983B.D. Beeson S. Brown
1981/1982B.D. Beeson R. Edwards
1980/1981B.D. Beeson G. Mason
1979/1980D.G. Burton E. Bowles
1978/1979D.G. Burton C. Cameron
1977/1978P.W.B. Goldson E. Bowles
1976/1977D.G. BurtonC. Cameron
1975/1976P.W.B. Goldson A. Thompson
1974/1975P.W.B. GoldsonG. Stuttard
1973/1974W. E. Proctor H. Lakey
1973W. E. ProctorM. Rutherford
1972W. E. Proctor M. Rutherford
1971W. E. Proctor D. Jenkins
1970R.A. Anderson
1969R.A. Anderson
1968W. E. Proctor
1967W. E. Proctor
1966W. E. Proctor
1965W. E. Proctor
1964C.H. Kipling
1963W. E. Proctor
1962W. E. Proctor
1961W. E. Proctor
1960C.H. Kipling
1959W. H. Matheson
1958W. E. Proctor
1957A.J.R. Russel-Wood
1956P.R. Boys-Stones
1955C.C. Browne
1954C.C. Browne

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