The Summer Open 2013

Summer Open 2013 - 2
Congratulations go to Dave Barnett and the other winners and competitors in the 20th Summer Open.

A long finals day started at 10am with Mok v McNestrie, and ended with Barnett capturing his umpteenth Summer Open title with a 3/0 win over Paul Lord that was anything but easy and kept a good crowd on court five entertained.

B event winner was Simon Graham (Hexham) beating Rich Hodges (Eldon Square) by 3 games to 1.
C event winner was Tie Zheng (Newcastle University) beating Chris Hill also by 3 games to 1.
D event winner was Max Forster (Northumberland) beating Ross Mazzuchi (Tynemouth) by 3 games to 2.
E event winner was Tony Broughton (Northern) beating Iain Loughran (Northern) by 3 games to nil.

With matches on court five being streamed live for the first time, viewers were treated to a triple helping of Ross Mazzucchi as he fended off Nick Thornton’s comeback to reach the D final, got to work behind the bar, then fell in five to little – and we mean little – Max Forster (whose Dad was watching from Russia) in the final.

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