Northumbria Senior County Closed 2015

The County’s Premier event will be held at Tynemouth Squash Club from 23rd – 25th January 2015

There will be a Mens, Mens B, Mens C, Mens D, Mens O45, Mens O55, Ladies, Ladies O40 and the ever popular Doubles events.

The entry fee is £7 and £2 for any additional event.

Confirmation of eligibility rules for entry:

    All entrants in the Championships must be current members of ESR at the time of participation.
    A player is qualified to play in the County Closed Championships if they have resided continuously in Northumberland for the three months preceding the start of the season (1st October) and are still residing.
    A residential qualification cannot be obtained through a school, university, college or other place of further/higher education or training unless a player’s bona fide (proper) home is in the same county as the school or university, e.g., unless they are a permanent member of the resident staff.
    The Championships are only open to players who have not played in any other County Closed Championship in the last 12 months.
    If not a British Citizen – Rights of Residency apply – A player must have resided (subject to all other points above) in the UK for 1 continuous year (365 days).
    In all cases where a player’s qualification is in doubt, it is obligatory for the Player to prove the qualification to the satisfaction of the Northumbria Squash Rackets Association (NSRA).

Please help to promote these events by printing out and displaying the poster below on your club noticeboards so everyone gets to know it is happening, lets have another bumper entry this year!

If you have any problems with printing out the poster then please contact Eric Mok.

2014 County Champions
Mens – Dave Barnett
Mens B – Sean Millington
Mens C – Martin Bone
Mens D – Stuart Varrall
Mens O45 – Glenn Ward
Mens O55 – Ronnie Freeman
Ladies – Sam Ward
Ladies O40 – Dawn Ward
Doubles – Chris Wiggins & Dan Wareing

Entries @ 16/01/2015
Dave Barnett Main:Mens No
Neil Campbell O45 No
Asmat Bajwa Main:Mens No
Ian Allan Main:Mens No
Jon Evans Main:Mens + O45 + O55 with Sam Evans
Sam Evans Main:Mens with Jon Evans
Colin McNestrie Main:Mens + O55 No
Simon Long Main:Mens Marcus Campbell
Marcus Campbell Simon Long
Kimberley Hay Ladies No
Ronnie Freeman O55 No
Amy Rowell Ladies No
Emma Rowell Ladies No
Guy Eniona Main:Mens No
Iain Loughran Main:Mens No
Emma Gregson Ladies No
Steve Brown Main:Mens + O45 No
Liam Gutcher Main:Mens No
Tony Coleby Main:Mens + O45 Mike Cherryman
Mike Cherryman O55 Tony Coleby
Mohammed Bilal Khan Main:Mens No
Andrew Staley Main:Mens No
Sean Millington Main:Mens No
Lucy Beecroft Ladies Hannah Cliff
Paul Lord Main:Mens No
Karen Heron Ladies No
Peter Slaughter O45 No
Dave Jackson Main:Mens No
Nouman Shahid Main:Mens No
Intikab Alam Main:Mens No
Jamie Todd Main:Mens No
Chris Pringle Main:Mens No
Marcus Allsop Main:Mens No
Anna Ward Ladies No
Chris Wall Main:Mens No
Peter Downs Main:Mens No
Josie Barker Ladies No
Cai Younger Main:Mens Michael Mattimore
Michael Mattimore Main:Mens Cai Younger
Michael MacKay Main:Mens No
Phil White Main:Mens No
Richard Elliot Main:Mens No
Hannah Cliff Ladies Lucy Beecroft
Mark Dinsley Main:Mens No
James Appleby Main:Mens No
Darren Lockwood Main:Mens Lennox Lockwood
Lennox Lockwood Main:Mens Darren Lockwood
Paul Beecroft Russell Hunter
Russell Hunter O45 Paul Beecroft
Fran Luquin Main:Mens No
Tom Cornell Main:Mens No
Liam Duncan Khan Main:Mens Ray Rycroft
Dan Wareing Main:Mens No
Joe Waring Main:Mens No
Glenn Ward O45 No
Steve Drummond Main:Mens Henry Darragh
Henry Darragh Steve Drummond
Tom Wight Main:Mens No
Chris Brock Main:Mens No
Matthew Carr Main:Mens No
Martha Spalding Ladies No
Mark Knott Main:Mens Daniel Cusack
John Thompson O45 + O55 No
Daniel Cusack Main:Mens Mark Knott
Andy King Main:Mens No
Ray Rycroft Liam Duncan Khan
Angus Forster Main:Mens No
Max Forster Main:Mens No
Adam Coates Main:Mens Alan Coates
Alan Coates O55 Adam Coates
Dawn Ward O40 No
Tegan Younger Ladies No
Dylan Younger Gordie Robertson
Gordie Robertson Dylan Younger
John Armstrong Main:Mens No
Milo McKenzie Main:Mens No
Sam Ward Ladies No
Ben Waugh Main:Mens No
Joel Birch-Machin Main:Mens Mark Birch-Machin
Mark Birch-Machin Joel Birch-Machin
Jonathan Head Main:Mens Matthew Cooper
Ryan Hall Main:Mens No
Phil Dobinson Main:Mens No
Andrew Wilkinson O55 Adrian Alderton
Adrian Alderton O55 Andrew Wilkinson
Gary Clark O55 No
Eric Mok Main:Mens Fiona McFarlane
Fiona McFarlane Main:Mens Eric Mok
Andrew Webber Main:Mens No
Simon Ho Main:Mens No
Gill Millington O40 No
Umer Chughtai Main:Mens No
Steve Cubbins Main:Mens + O55 Louise Robertson
Louise Robertson Main:Mens Steve Cubbins
Andrew Walsh Main:Mens No
Tim Shield O55 No

Current Totals
Main:Mens O40 O45 O55 Ladies Doubles
61 2 8 12 12 16

Count down to the closing date of the 16th of January is now on…

Entries by email to or alternatively use the form below:

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