Northumbria Senior County Closed 2015 – Finals Day

Last Nights results and now down to the semis and finals at Tynemouth

Last night’s semi-finals in the main events:

Liam Gutcher vs Michael MacKay - 11/7 11/9 5/11 11/2
Michael was through to his first semi-final after Paul Lord pulled up injured in the quarters.
This looked a good game what I saw of it with Michael winning the 3rd game comfortably but Liam closing out the match in the fourth for a 3-1 victory.

Dave Barnett vs Mohammed Bilal Khan - 11/7 11/8 7/11 11/7
This looked to be a challenge for Dave in defending his title and Bilal did have some good shots and court Coverage. But apart from the 3rd game that Bilal took Dave was in control and won 3-1.

The Ladies championship this year looked to be much stronger than usual with the return of Kimberley Hay after her sojourn in America.

Kimberley Hay vs Hannah Cliff - 11/8 11/8 11/7
I didn’t see any of this match but from the scores the game looked to be evenly matched with Kimberley winning 3-0.

Lucy Beecroft vs Sam Ward - 12/10 11/9 11/5
I only saw the 1st game of this match but it was very tight with both Sam and Lucy having game balls. Lucy won 3-0.

The Doubles event took place last night with each pair playing 7 times each!! The last pairs standing and through to tonight’s final are Lucy Beecroft/Hannah Cliff vs Simon Long/Marcus Campbell.

Gallery of photos courtesy of Steve Cubbins NCC 2015 Gallery

Semi-finals of the other events start from 11:00 today – all spectators are welcome.

Finals begin tonight from 16:00.

Full results and draws below:

Download (PDF, 290KB)

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