Annual General Meeting 2015 – Tuesday 19th May at 7pm

Annual General Meeting 2015

Tuesday 19th May, 7:00pm

The Northumberland Club

All are welcome to attend the AGM.

Anyone who would like to stand for election to the committee will need to make this known on the night to the chairman – Dave Barnett.

All agenda items to Clare Woroniuk via the form below, items for discussion to be received by Tuesday 12th May, 2015.

All items for discussion will be added below so that details will be available for all attendees to discuss in advance of the AGM.

Agenda items for Discussion @ 13/05/2015

Item 1

    • Clubs entering multiple teams into the leagues.
      Clubs should not enter multiple teams into the leagues when due to
      circumstances they cannot fulfil their fixtures. This of course refers to the clubs
      lowest league team, who by no fault of their own, due to players being tied and
      no other players to come in cannot subsequently turn out a team.
      The reason this is important is of course should you be unlucky enough to play
      them early each part of the season they have a chance of fielding their best side.
      Then due to the above their opponents are awarded 20 points, potentially each
      half or at least gain a better points total and gain an advantage over the rest of
      the league.
      The point is made to highlight the situation not to discredit any of the competing
      Proposer: Dave Buxton Seconder: David Brown

Item 2

    • Is Northumberland Club large enough to host Presentation evening? Perhaps
      better in the downstairs lounge at Northern, subject to Northern’s views.
      Proposer: Tim Barker Seconder: ?

Item 3

    • For a change in League One scoring to PAR 15 or 13.
      With the current scoring PAR 11 games have been won and lost easily going to
      11 points and the matches can last between 15 –20 minutes. 33 points versus
      45 is nearly a third of a match, meaning less court time.
      The inter club competition is used as a way of keeping fit and when you don’t
      get a work out, it can be more disappointing than the result. An hour or more
      drive to Tynemouth, Sunderland or Alnwick for a 20 minute game and a night
      away from family does not appeal.
      Proposer: Damon Watts Seconder: ?

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