Northumbria Squash Summer Leagues 2015 – Bulletin 1

Let the games begin…

The teams have been entered, the fixtures have been generated, the players are eagerly awaiting the first games so here is your starter for 8.

As there are now 9 teams in each league and that would have been 16 games to be played and then the finals weekend. That is a lot of competition between now and September, so to simplify things (and give yourselves some down time between the Summer & Winter leagues) the new format is 8 games only, 4 away and 4 at home. The fixture generator has used a random generator to decide home and away fixtures adding an element of fairness along the way. It is hoped that you can see the logic behind this and after all it is the summer and holidays do happen. There will still be a finals weekend were the top two teams from each division play-off to decide the 2015 winners of the Summer Leagues. A list of captains, playing nights, start times and contact details is provided under the Squash Leagues menu.

Most importantly a breakdown of the scoring for 4 person teams is also there.

The two divisions are:

Northumbria Squash Summer Leagues Division A

Dunston A
Eldon Leisure Destroyers
Northern A
Northern Lions
Northumberland A
Sunderland Blues
Tynemouth Pie Club
Tynemouth Shock Waves
Walker A

Northumbria Squash Summer Leagues Division B

Benwell Hill
Eldon Leisure Warriors
Newbiggin A
Newcastle University Staff
Northern C
Northern D
Northumberland B
Sunderland Greens
Tynemouth Titans

The first games begin w/c 11th of May and run until w/c 20th of July. The play-off weekend will be the 1st and 2nd of August.

Best of luck to all teams for the 2015 season.

A few reminders about the Summer Leagues:

4 person teams
No post-match meals
Teams can be mixed (to include ladies and juniors)
PAR 15 scoring (14-14 is sudden death)
Nominations to be made as usual (you can only play for the team that you are nominated for i.e. NO PLAYING UP)
Normal league rules to apply

Team nominations must now be submitted by email to or via the form below before your first game is played:

Submit your team nominations here:

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