Northumbria Squash Summer Leagues Finals 2015 Day 1

Day 1

Finals weekend 1st/2nd of August at Tynemouth SRC featured Northumberland Ninjas versus Sunderland Greens and Eldon Leisure Destroyers versus Benwell Hill. Benwell Hill being promoted to the finals as Northumberland B were unable to field a team due to holiday commitments. Northumberland Ninjas were the favourites going into finals weekend as they were the raining champions. Games were played 4-3-2-1 with PAR-15 scoring.

Northumberland Ninjas vs Sunderland Greens

Angus Forster 2-3 Jeff Stoker 15-8 4-15 15-10 10-15 5-15
Ben Waugh 3-0 Colin Sidney 15-10 15-11 15-7
Guy Evans 0-3 Eric Alderson 14-15 3-15 10-15
Will Coley 1-3 Rich Hodges 13-15 15-6 10-15 14-15

Unluckily for Will Coley leading 14-13 in the 4th game he had to leave the court with a blood injury and when he returned Rich calmly took the necessary 2 points to win the match for the Greens to send then through to the final.

Benwell Hill had problems fielding a full side and Wayne Hollywood was guesting at no 4 so the Destroyers were already one game up. Benwell Hill lost another player on the day and managed to recruit Jake Mottram to stand in – more on this later…

Eldon Leisure Destroyers vs Benwell Hill

Jim Owens 3-0 Wayne Hollywood 15-8 15-11 15-7
Guy Eniona 1-3 Jake Mottram 9-15 15-9 11-15 12-15
Milo McKenzie 3-1 Phil White 14-15 15-14 15-9 15-7
Fransisco Luquin 0-3 Karen Heron 14-15 8-15 4-15

Now for the drama…

This scoreline left the games level so individual points scored were then totalled, (leaving out the W/O) this was good news for Benwell Hill (132-144). So Benwell Hill were through to the final. Or so they thought, when entering the scores in ResultsZone I found that Jake was not nominated thus giving the match to the Destroyers.

And for you wondering what would have happened if the individual points were tied – then the match would have been decided on the score of the game between the no 1’s.

Congratulations to the Greens and the Destroyers who battle it out tomorrow to decide the new champions.

Here are some photos to share.

Day 1 MVP - Jeff Stoker
Day 1 MVP – Jeff Stoker

A new feature as I watched most of these games – the MVP of the day goes to Jeff Stoker for his win against Angus Forster.

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