Mens O60 Inter County Stage 1

Men’s Over 60 Inter County Championship 2015/16 Stage 1

Our newly formed Over 60s County team were in action for the first time this weekend in Nunthorpe Middlesbrough.
Teams involved were:
Durham & Cleveland
Merseyside (despite all of their players coming from the Isle of Man!!)

Our squad was:
Derek Collins (Northern)
Colin McNestrie (Tynemouth)
Alan Coates (Walker captain)
Mike Cherryman (Consett)

First game against Durham & Cleveland.

Alan was up first & took the 1st game with ease 9-1 but his opponent came back strong in the 2nd game Alan winning 10-8, in the 3rd game Alan was 6-1 up & cruising to the finish but his opponent again came back well & had a game point, but Alan got his game together & won the 3rd 10-9. Game score 3-0.
Derek playing at number 1 string, had very little resistance from his opponent finishing the game off 3-0.
Colin playing his normal game of unplayable serves & drop shots raced through his game 3-0

Second game against Merseyside.

Alan not making the same mistake of letting his opponent back into the game on his 2nd game winning 3-0.
Colin again had his opponent wondering what to do with his serves, boasts & drop shots, but fought well & was Colin’s best challenge of the weekend Colin winning 3-0.
Derek again far to good for his opponent and showing his class finishing the game in quick style 3-0.

Sunday’s game against Shropshire.

Mike Cherryman standing in for Alan came out strong even though he hadn’t a competitive game for 2 weeks, Mike played some very tricky shots to defeat his opponent, we don’t think he would have lasted 5 games, so it was good he won in 3.
Colin finished his weekend the way he started serve volley kill. Lasting about 15mins 3-0.
We had the only game scored against us in Derek’s final game, his opponent took the 2nd game with ease with Derek having to dig deep to get back into his rhythm winning 3-1.

Durham & Cleveland vs Northumbria

Leon Kirton 0-3 Derek Collins - 4-9 4-9 1-9
Geoff Smith 0-3 Colin McNestrie - 2-9 0-9 2-9
Joe McAuley 0-3 Alan Coates - 1-9 8-10 9-10
Merseyside vs Northumbria

Peter Sharples 0-3 Derek Collins - 1-9 0-9 1-9
Ian Shears 0-3 Colin McNestrie - 1-9 4-9 5-9
Les Callow 0-3 Alan Coates - 5-9 3-9 3-9
Shropshire vs Northumbria

Paul Dixon 1-3 Derek Collins - 2-9 9-2 4-9 5-9
Richard Ewels 0-3 Colin McNestrie - 5-9 0-9 0-9
Keith Wilson 0-3 Mike Cherryman - 5-9 4-9 2-9

Thanks for all the Counties & all the players for making it a great weekend.

Some photos from the weekend to share.

Alan Coates

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