Masters County Closed

The Northumbria Masters County Closed is played every January in conjunction with the Senior County Closed and is open to all Northumbrian Masters players. A player is eligible to play in a Masters County Closed if he has reached the specified age by the notified formal Start Date of the event.

YearO35O45O55O60O65Women’s O40
2024S. LongS. CalvertS. Ross
2023P. McCleodR.J. EvansA. Wilkinson
2022D. JacksonP. McCleodG. WardA. WilkinsonK. Heron
2021P. McCleodG. WardG. WardA. Alderton
2019P. McCleodR.J. EvansR.J. Evans G. Millington
2018R.J. Evans R.J. Evans R. Freeman L. Robertson
2017P. McCleodR.J. Evans R. Freeman G. Millington
2016R.J. Evans R.J. Evans S. Cubbins N. Dobson
2015G. WardJ. ThompsonD. Ward
2014G. Ward R. Freeman D. Ward
2013G. Ward R. FreemanS. Beecroft


  1. Although I live in Berkshire, I am eligible for Northumbria through birth – and I played for the county back in the seventies (Peter Goldson, Eliot P,etc). If you need players in the over 65, that’s me and the over 70 if such category exists at county level. all the best

    Peter Child 07966232558

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