PSA Northumbria Open 2016 – Full Graded ENTRIES OPEN!

The region will, once again, be welcoming top professional squash players from around the world when the Northumbria Open takes place at The Northumberland Club, 1st – 6th March, 2016.
The Northumbria Open is a PSA $5000 event, where budding stars of the future take their first steps on the road to squash stardom, and also an opportunity for the best Northumbrian senior and junior players to pit their wits against world ranked players!

Running alongside the PSA Men’s event will also be a Ladies Open, and a Full Graded Event (4-6 March), offering a total prize fund of £tbc.
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PSA Men's 5k event - Prize Money
Winner – £tbc
Runner-up – £tbc
Semi-Finalists – £tbc
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Ladies Open Prizes
Prizes kindly provided by Harrow Sports
Prizes for the winners/runner-ups of the graded events, kindly provided by Harrow Sports

How to enter:

Entries will close Thursday 25th February 2016

An entry fee of £15 is payable, which includes a tournament t-shirt.

Please ensure you use a valid email address, as you will receive an important email with payment details (please check your spam tray).  Entry Fees must be received by Thursday 25th February to confirm your entry.

Entries by email to or alternatively use the form below:

Entry list (as at 18 February 2016)
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PSA Men's
George Parker (78)
Joel Hinds (85)
Douglas Kempsell(101)
J. VÄHÄMAA (140)
J. GREEN (155)
B. FORD (173)
M. HARRIS (205)
A. OSTBYE (168)
Patrick Rooney (191)
Nick Mulvey (193)
Tristan Eyelet (197)
Cai Younger (337)
Emyr Evans (198)
Julian Tomlinson (204)
Jakob Dimberger (212)
Elliot Selby (220)
Ben Coates (224)
Kyle Finch (225)
Xavi Biasco (228)
Miles Jenkins (232)
Dave Barnett
Jamie Todd
Liam Gutcher
Sean Millington
Chris Wiggins
Michael Mattimore
Sam Broughton
Michael Mackay

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Ladies Open
Hannah Cliff
Emma Gregson
Joanne Hilton
Tegan Younger
Eilidh Bridgeman
Victoria Watson
Heather Graham

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Graded Events
Ian Hilton
Sean Millington
Steve Brown
Jack Hunter
Jon Evans
Sam Evans
Wayne Hollywood
James Gilbert
Guy Eniona
Wayne Dinning
Andrew Shipley
Mark Taylor
Michael Collins
Stuart Mitchell
Chris Hull
Paul Bell
Guy Evans
Milo Mckenzie
Adam Coates
John Peacock
Martin Jolley
Rob Pearce
Lennox Lockwood
Harry Little
Jack Cornell
Chris Pringle
Nathan Dobson
Iain Loughran
Connor Lawless
Dave Jackson
Matthew Carr
Richard Finney
John Armstrong
Simon Ho
Stephen Drummond
Simon Broach
Matthew Cooper
Philip Dobinson
Andrew Black
Glover Gamero
Fran Luquin
Josh Gebhard
Fiona Macfarlane
Mark Manual
Ramsey Rafaie
Umer Chugtai
Andrew Webber
James Tosney
Michael Andrews


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  1. Hi Northumbria Squash

    I want to enter the Northumbria 050 Open – if such an event is going to happen. Could you let me know if you have planned for this to happen, or no. If it’s on, I will pay my £15 and come along!

    Nigel Musgrave

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