Men’s Over 60 Inter County Championship 2016/17 Stage 1

Men’s Over 60 Inter County Championship 2016/17 Stage 1

Due to changes made by England Squash in the ICC squash championships all stage 1 groups have been regionalised and are now played on 1 day in order to minimise costs for the counties.

So for our Over 60’s we entertained Yorkshire and Durham & Cleveland hosting at Tynemouth SRC with a squad of:
Ronnie Freeman
Derek Collins
Colin McNestrie
Alan Coates
Mike Cherryman

It didn’t start well for Northumbria with Derek Collins having to pull out on Friday evening with a virus and Mike Cherryman suffering from a hamstring pull.

Our 1st game was against D&C.

Alan couldn’t get into the game at 3 losing 3-0.

Ronnie went on against Colin Shields, a very tricky player. Ronnie was on game ball in the third after the first 2 games had been shared, but had bad luck trying to covert the game, Colin went on to win 10-8. This seemed to knock the conference out of Ronnie so lost the 4th. Losing 3-1.

Colin at 2 lost the 1st game, narrowly lost the 2nd 10/8 but fought hard to win the 3rd 10/8, but Brian was too strong in the 4th. Lost 3-1

2nd match against Yorkshire.

Alan again losing 3-0 against a tricky opponent, had his chances in the 1st and 3rd but could not take them.

Colin had an up and down game at 2 losing easy in the 1st, winning easy in the 2nd, nip and tuck in the 3rd, before losing the 4th. lost 3-1

Ronnie went on in the final match, he was too strong for his opponent but struggled to keep his concentration at times eventually coming out with our first win of the day 3-1.

Northumbria vs Durham & Cleveland

Ronnie Freeman 1-3 Colin Shields - 7/9 9/7 8/10 2/9
Colin McNestrie 1-3 Brian Duke - 5/9 9/10 10/8 3/9
Alan Coates 0-3 Phil Davidson - 5/9 5/9 6/9

Northumbria vs Yorkshire

Ronnie Freeman 3-1 David Lines - 9/1 9/5 7/9 9/6
Colin McNestrie 1-3 Fred Harrison - 2/9 9/3 7/9 0/9
Alan Coates 0-3 Mark Thompson - 8/10 1/9 7/9

Final Scores

1. Durham & Cleveland 25
2. Yorkshire 14
3. Northumbria 6

Thanks to all players involved for a good days squash.

Alan Coates (Northumbria Captain)

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