Men’s Over 60 Inter County Championship 2016/17 Stage 2

Men’s Over 60 Inter County Championship 2016/17 Stage 2

Teams involved were:
Yorkshire (host)

Our A team squad was:
Ronnie Freeman
Adrian Alderton
Andrew Wilkinson
John Thompson

We had 2 dropouts 2 days before the scheduled games that meant we had to take our super star B team:
Andrew Wilkinson
John Thompson
Colin McNestrie
Alan Coates

Our 1st game was at 2pm against Merseyside:
Having been beaten 3-0 in their earlier game against Yorkshire and Merseyside only having 3 players they had to go again against a fresh Northumbria.

Alan went on 1st and raced to a 2-0 lead before his opponent got his second wind & pushed the 3rd to 20-18. 3-0 win for Alan.
John went on next and swiftly dispatched his opponent to a 3-0 defeat using his superior reach & timely drops.
Andrew the last one on, playing killing boasts & deadly lengths Andrew soon eased to a 3-0 win, his opponent’s afterwards said he didn’t realise he was left handed until near the end of the 1st game.

2nd Match against Yorkshire:
1st up was a fresh Colin coming in for Alan.
Colin with his deadly service & drop game working well won the 1st game, the 2nd game went to Fred dealing better with Colin’s touches. The next 2 games could have gone either way but Colin scraped both to win 3-1.
Andrew played the second game, soon going 2-0 up without a problem, he then lost his width & length loosing the next 2 games. The final game went all the way with Andrew coming through winning 3-2.
John was last up starting the way he finished his last game going 2-0 up with ease, David came back well in the 3rd before John finished him off in the 4th for a 3-1 win.

Northumbria vs Merseyside

Andrew Wilkinson 3-0 Steve Wildgoose 15/10 15/10 15/10
John Thompson 3-0 Pete Sharpies 15/9 15/12 15/3
Alan Coates 3-0 Steve Kyriacou 15/10 15/9 20/18
Northumbria vs Yorkshire

Andrew Wilkinson 3-2 Bob Hughes 15/11 15/6 8/15 6/15 15/12
John Thompson 3-1 David Lines 15/5 15/12 11/15 15/11
Colin McNestrie 3-1 Fred Harrison 15/11 12/15 16/14 16/14
Final Scores

1. Northumbria 24
2. Yorkshire 16
3. Merseyside 1

Well played by all the Northumbria B squad.

Alan Coates (Northumbria Captain)

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