Accredited Referees

Accredited Referees

As you know we’re running a PSL team out of the Northumberland Club and hope to for years to come but it’s highlighted that the North-East is lacking in accredited referees.

In the last home match we had to cover expenses for a couple of referees, an expense we hadn’t accounted for and it made me think it probably would be good to have a few top accredited refs in the area for occasions like PSL/PSA Comps.

I know there is a course in place already and there are significant hoops to jump through (time and travel commitments) but ES are so keen to get new, young referees accredited fast and have intimated that they’d fast track the process. Details of the available course can be found here.

So why not get in touch if you are interested in becoming a Referee.

There is lots more information available on the England Squash website.

Liam Gutcher

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