Northumbria Junior County Closed 2022 – Report

The Northumbria Squash Junior County Closed 2022 took place last weekend (1st & 2nd Oct) at Northern Squash Club!

We held events for boys and girls from ages U11 to U19, 33 players competed throughout the boys’ categories and 25 played in the girls’, meaning over 100 matches were played over just 2 days! This is always an excellent event to get a glimpse at the ever-improving juniors in our county!

The results for each category were as follows:

Boys / Girls U19
1st – Kieran Mahoney / Katie Barker
2nd – Lewis Cruz / Emily King
3rd – Sam Sweeney / Evie Paterson

Boys / Girls U17
1st – Ben Tudor / Mia Smith
2nd – Matthew Ansell / Shae Paterson
3rd – Sam Ponente / Zoe Shipsey

Boys / Girls U15
1st – Duncan Rutherford / Ava Naisbitt
2nd – Matthew Ansell / Kate Naisbitt
3rd – Sam Tufton / Isla Cook

Boys / Girls U13
1st – Mateo Ridley / Rebecca Little
2nd – Magnus McKay / Freya Finnemore
3rd – William Ingram / Meera Jatania

Boys / Girls U11
1st – James Southern / Emma Little
2nd – Magnus McKay / Alice Pearsall
3rd – Kiran Sarkar / Elizabeth Muldoon-Smith

Congratulations to the top 3 in all the age groups, as well as to all the participants who played throughout the weekend!

Also a big shout-out to all the organisers and Northern Squash Club who made the event possible!

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