Northumbria Junior County Closed 2023

The Northumbria Squash Junior County Closed 2023 took place last weekend (23rd & 24th Sept) at Northern Squash Club.

We held events for boys and girls from ages U11 to U19, with a total of 53 entries and over 70 matches across all the events.

Congratulations to the top 3 in all the categories and to every junior who took part in what was a great showcase of our junior talent.

The results were:

1st – Hannah Tufton
2nd – Lucy Barnett
3rd – Sophie Barnett

1st – Emma Little
2nd – Lucy Ulyatt
3rd – Freya Finnemore

1st – James Southern
2nd – William Brocklehurst
3rd – Mateo Radley

1st – Rebecca Little
2nd – Isla Cook
3rd – Ebony Holmes

1st – Duncan Rutherford
2nd – Sam Tufton
3rd – James Ulyatt

1st – Shae Paterson
2nd – Ava Naisbitt
3rd – Kate Naisbitt

1st – Sam Tufton
2nd – Matthew Ansell
3rd – Ethan Brown

1st – Mia Smith
2nd – Zoe Shipsey
3rd – Anna Ingram

As always big shout-out to all the organisers and Northern Squash Club who made the event possible.

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