Newcastle Junior Silver 2024

Last weekend, the second edition of the Newcastle Junior Silver took place at The Northumberland Club & Newcastle Sport & Fitness Centre in the region. This England Squash sanctioned silver-level event featured some of the best juniors from the north and further afield competing for their age group trophy and valuable ranking points.

Our juniors put in an excellent performance, with 8 medalists and many other strong results.

1st – Jorge Williams (Yorks)
2nd – Eyad Mahmoud (Lancs)
3rd – Elvis Yu (Yorks)

The mixed U9 event went to seeding as 1 seed Jorge Williams beat 2nd seed Eyad Mahmoud 3-1 in the final, while [5/8] Elvis Yu caused an upset in the 3rd/4th playoff by beating [3/4] Bram Willstrop 3-0 to finish 3rd.

1st – James Swinden (Yorks)
2nd – Huey Lamb (N’bria/D&C)
3rd – Lorcan Lovely (Lancs)

Huey Lamb, 3/4 seed, beat the 2nd seed in the semi-final to face no.1 James Swinden in the final. Huey had to settle for the silver medal as he lost 3-1 in a tight match, while Lorcan Lovely won the 3rd/4th playoff to get the bronze.

1st – Molly Crawford (Cumb)
2nd – Lydia Everington-Hunt (Yorks)
3rd – Libby Housby (Cumb)

Molly Crawford narrowly beat out Lydia Everington-Hunt and Libby Housby by 1 point to secure 1st place, while Lydia and Libby finished equal on 16 points but Lydia took 2nd on head-to-head.

1st – Logan Willstrop (Yorks)
2nd – Callum Smith (Sco)
3rd – Youssef Alrashidy (Surrey)

A big upset in this event as [13/16] seed Logan Willstrop, and son of former WR #1 James Willstrop, cut through the top seeds to finish 1st with Callum Smith in 2nd and Youssef Alrashidy winning the 3rd/4th playoff.

Our juniors placed well in the u13s event with James Southern coming 5th, William Brocklehurst was 6th, Magnus McKay was 12th and Kiran Sakar placed 15th.

1st – Sienna Hampshaw (Yorks)
2nd – Siona Mishra (Warwicks)
3rd – Eleanor Everington-Hunt (Yorks)

Top seed Sienna Hampshaw from Yorkshire was unbeaten to top her groups, then beat [3/4] Siona Mishra 3-1 in the final, while [2] Eleanor Everington-Hunt won the 3rd/4th playoff.

Emma Little placed 5th, Louisa Westwood was 8th, while Hannah Tufton and Elizabeth Muldoon-smith were 9th & 10th respectively.

1st – Duncan Rutherford (N’bria)
2nd – Zack Paton (Sco)
3rd – Noah Riley (Yorks)

Duncan Rutherford dropped just 1 game in the whole event to be crowned the BU15 champion after winning against Scotland’s Zack Paton in the final, with Noah Riley coming in 3rd.

James Ulyatt finished 12th, Charlie Armstrong was 15th, Leo Blackett placed 21st and Joeseph Brocklehurst and Thomas Oliver were 21st and 22nd respectively.

1st – Rebecca Little (N’bria)
2nd – Ella Jacobi (Yorks)
3rd – Freya Finnemore (N’bria)

Rebecca Little was unbeaten in the group to take top spot, with Ella Jacobi just 2 points behind in 2nd. Freya Finnemore took the final medal place, while Clara Westwood was 4th and Jos Durham came 5th.

1st – Sam Tufton (N’bria)
2nd – Joshua Deubert (Kent)
3rd – Jack Bennett (Worcs)

[5/8] Joshua Deubert took out the top seed in round 1 and advanced to the last 2, but 2nd seed Sam Tufton was on top form to win the final 3-0. Jack Bennett, 9/11 won the 3rd/4th playoff to get the bronze medal.

Ethan Brown placed 7th overall, while Euan Wayman was 9th.

1st – Kin Fun Ma (Warwicks)
2nd – Ojas Mishra (Warwicks)
3rd – Edward Bailey (Lancs)

5th seed Kin Fin Ma caused a major upset to finish 1st, beating all of his opponents 3-0! Ojas Mishra claimed 2nd with 9 points and Edward Bailey was just 2 points behind in 3rd.

1st – Mia Smith (N’bria)
2nd – Shae Paterson (N’bria)
3rd – Evie Paterson (N’bria)

An all-Northumbria podium was topped by Mia Smith who went unbeaten in the round-robin, Shae and Evi Paterson finished in the silver and bronze medal spots respectively and Isla Cook was 4th.

Thank you to the clubs for hosting this huge event with over 110 entries, to everyone involved with organising and of course congratulations to all the medals and players.

Full results.

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