Norah Pederson – Coaching Recognition

This weekend at the Dunlop Challenge Series finale a special award was presented to a special squash coach, Norah Pedersen.

Norah was awarded a plaque to recognise her substantial contribution to junior squash players in Northumbria. Here’s what Dave Barnett had to say about Norah and her coaching legacy:

“Norah has coached in Northumbria for over 40 years, often alongside Ray Rycroft, coaching and nurturing hundreds if not thousands of young squash players. She has a very gentle and nurturing manner that many younger players respond to and she has imparted her knowledge to many a successful and high-achieving player but most of all those who spent time with her would have enjoyed playing squash.”

Congratulations Norah from all those you have helped and all of us at Northumbria Squash.

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