Paul Lord’s Squash Blog

Paul Lord wrote a series of articles that would help any level of player with hints and tips.  The blog also gives an insight into his playing career, the intensity of his training, and the mental focus it takes to compete at the top level.

Read these articles, then email Paul and give him a nudge to write some more!

[one_half]Squash Grip Changes

Power is Nothing Without Control

Don’t Fear Death

The Here and Now

Improve Your Squash Shots in your Mind’s Eye

Pushing Through the Pain Barrier

The Art of Movement

Planting the Seed of Doubt

Coping with the Doubts the Night before the Fight[/one_half]

[one_half last]Become a Time Machine

Use Your Sixth Sense and Become a Squash Jedi

The Straight Drive is Your Left Jab

3 Day Plan So You Don’t Play Like a “Turkey”

Listen To Your Body For Optimum Performance

Stretch Your Opponent By Stretching The Squash Court

Set The Trap Then Pounce Like a Tiger

You Must Plan To Reach Your Potential


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